Sony Says Sold 6.5M PS3 Units In Oct-Dec

Sony Corp said on Thursday it sold 6.5 million units of its flagship PlayStation 3 game console in the three months ended on Dec. 31, up from 4.5 million units in the same period a year earlier.

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LordMarius3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

It won't be long now for it to become the #1 HD console worldwide with these kind of sales

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Cyrax_873177d ago

Now where's that fanboy that pmed me and called me delusional? I told you so!

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RememberThe3573177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

That puts VGChatz 2 million units behind. Furthering my point that they are a reference and by no means represent actual numbers.

@Greenringoflife: Sales are not static so your logic is completely flawed in that your assuming that the sales of the PS3 over the 360 won't go up or down. I think it's safe to say you have no knowledge of economics in any form.

LordMarius3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

oh hey Dchalfont what are you doing in an article about a system you dont own...

eat crow
EDIT: Aren't you the own always boasting about PC sales and their graphics like the fanboy that you are...All together now, HYPOCRITE!

GreenRingOfLife3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

Sony PS3 is behind Xbox 360 by about 6 million units right now.
When PS3 came out in nov 2006 the 360 already had 5.5mil units sold

So in 3 yrs sony has only caught up by 500k units, or ~170k per year

So if ps3 came out the same time as 360 then it would only be ahead by 500k

so at this rate, sony is gaining on MS at about 170k consoles per yr, so Sony will take the lead sometime in about 30 yrs or so

good job sony keep it up

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DelbertGrady3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

Yesterday I saw this post.

"I mean, we've got 31 million worldwide right now -- they've got 39 million. I don't even need to go out 10 years." /Peter Dille

Does that mean that Sony has sold 2.5 million PS3s in one day? Wow lol!

gapecanpie3177d ago

When Halo reach drop that will push the 360 even futher away from sony sad attempts to catch up. Also whenever project natal drops that will be the final blow to sony.

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-MD-3177d ago

"#1 HD console"

Lol, you'll do anything to say Sony is #1 at something huh?

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SDF Repellent3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

Hate to rain on you and your PS3 buddies' parade. But Sony meanings of sold is the Same as Microsoft and Nintendo...Sold or shipped to retailers. VGchartz and NPD counts and estimate sold through to customers.

In the Supplemental Data [Both PDFs, JP and EN], we also get a quarter-by-quarter breakdown of hardware and software unit sales to retail, not end-user, meaning shipped for fiscal year 2006 and the first half of fiscal year 2007.

This past quarter Sony has sold to retail (shipped) the following:
Hardware Sales:
PlayStation 2: 3.28m (previous quarter: 2.70m)
PlayStation Portable: 2.58m (previous quarter: 2.14m)
PlayStation 3: 1.31m (previous quarter: 0.71m)
Software Sales:
PlayStation 2: 38m (previous quarter: 31.1m)
PlayStation Portable: 12.6m (previous quarter: 9.9m)
PlayStation 3: 10.3m (previous quarter: 4.7m)

RememberThe3573177d ago

Your not raining on anyone's parade; don't put so much weight on your comments. But thanks for calling me on that, a bit of a mental laps on my part.

Cyrax_873177d ago

my guess is he probably f*cked up.

Here's sony's official reports saying they've sold 27 million as of the 30th of September.

Add that to this topic and tada!

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vhero3177d ago

@GreenRingOfLife do you just make numbers up as you go along?
PS3 worldwide sales are behind but looking at the selling rate on there compared to 360 it wont be long before it catches up. Only 6 million behind too and since every quarter Sony catches up by 1.5million it should be caught up by the end of this year.

Maddens Raiders3177d ago

you need to get the hell out of these articles and stop trolling man. I'm tired of seeing your tired a$$ washed up John Laroquette staring at me with that cancer stick as you have a solo party about your damn PC and Wii. It is well known around what the wii sales are in conjunction with "this generation" of consoles, it is also well known around here that the wii is a last generation console with some "this generation" add-on innovation and is not lauded about in serious discussions about graphics, content, and power. Yes, the wii has sold a lot, but at what cost? They have lost the lot of hardcore gamers for the sake of therapeutic rebounds across the country

all i can say is that you roam PS3 sites incessantly charging SNE with nothing but lies and motives that ::whispers:: only you are aware of right ?

Nihilism3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

Is that it?, you think calling the Wii a last gen console is offensive to me?, I don't own one, I traded it because I hated it. Quality is subjective, the fact remains that you and the other mindless marketing tools drone on about sales while the PS3 will only hope for second at best.

Besides, why do you care about sales, I'm yet to have someone answer me with a justification for the immature console war you have going on.

Just because I hate the Sony people on here does not mean I hate Sony.
I have no 'agenda'. I just think pathetic people who willingly participate in marketing games are deluded, especially you.

Answer the question: why do you care about sales?

Jdoki3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

I agree, I have no idea why people get so rabid about sales so much. It's not like you see Samsung and Panasonic fans arguing over who sold most DVD players!

However, I do have a vague interest in sales because they are interesting for gauging the market.

For example, 360 has sold more in US than other territories - so I'm interested in how that is impacting game development (i.e. are we seeing more western shooters because of particular territory dominance).

Also, the volumes of consoles selling in the West, compared to East is definitely influencing Japanese devlopment for better/worse - such as SquareEnix making much more western-centric games. Which I feel is ridiculous because the whole reason SE became popular is because their games were NOT Westernised!

And of course the bottom line is that the more consoles sold, the more developers are attracted, and the more money is potentially available for reinsventment in to even better games.

So I don't really care who is 'winning', and really don't care for this whole e-peen waving, but sales have a direct influence on the type of games I am going to see in the future, so I'm not going to dismiss the importance of sales.

Guido3177d ago

Second place console this gen by 2011.

First place console this gen by 2013

World domination and finds the cure for cancer - 2015.

Bookmark and get back to me folks.

callahan093177d ago

"It's not like you see Samsung and Panasonic fans arguing over who sold most DVD players!"

Well in all fairness to the people who do find themselves vested in the console war competition of popularity/sales/whatever, Samsung and Panasonic DVD players both play DVD's, and nothing more, so it doesn't matter to anybody that owns one or the other which is doing better because once they've bought their player, it's still going to get all the DVD's that ever come out and be able to play them. A better comparison is sports teams. Yes, people have bitter rivalries and arguments and fanboyism over their favorite sports teams, just as they do with video game consoles. In video games, I think the perception is that if you bought one console or for whatever reason prefer one console even if you own multiple consoles, you want to see it get the most support from game developers, and so you might find yourself rooting for it the same way you root for a sports team, because not all videogame consoles get the same support like all DVD players do. No publishers release DVD's that can only play on a Samsung DVD player, for instance, but it's extremely common for games to come out that can only play on one console, and so fans want to support their console of choice in the hopes that support for it spreads and therefore it gets the games.

Jdoki3177d ago

I agree Callahan09; but what I was trying to get across with that comparison is that consoles are just consumer electronics - just like DVD players.

Sports teams is a better analogy for the argumentative behaviour of fanboys - but at least with sports there's a human interest and proper competitive element. In consoles the fact that one console has sold more than the other is not a competition that has any bearing on the enjoyment of the product.

Plus, most people will only support one team in a particular sport - whereas many gamers could (if they wanted) buy multiple consoles.

KruLLit3176d ago

Microsoft did promise one e3 that Playstation 3 would never surpass Xbox 360 and I hope they are thinking of doing something drastic fast, because the Playstation 3 is closing the gap.

Dev8 ing3176d ago

1st off dchalfont's avatar is Bill Hicks not John Laroquette. You should look him up if you don't know who he is.

2nd people do argue even more rabidly about NVidia and ATI graphics cards, also see the arguments over AMD vs Intel, PC vs MAC vs Linux, Wherever people have preferences they will argue.

But in the vein of Bill Hicks: I've never seen an issue so divisive on the console war even amongst my intellectual friends. Some of my friends think that xbox fanboys are annoying idiots. Other of my friends think Microsoft is a bunch of evil fvcks.

Nihilism3176d ago

Haha, respect.

Bill would be proud.

sikbeta3176d ago

Any person could thing that dchalfont is an xbox fanboy, but not, far from that...he's an Stockholder of everything Computer Related, that's AMD/ATI, Intel, Micro$oft, Seagate, WD, Kingston.....

He probably don't own NVIDIA Stocks cuz it developed the RSX lol

Seriously Pal stop with "da hate for da PS brand", cuz this is not going anywhere


Good for Sony, more people is joining to The PS3 Gaming Crew, I want this Games: Fumito Ueda Masterpiece aka TLG, Mister Kazuroni Yamauchi Real Driving Simulator aka GT5, SCEA Santa Monica GOW3... NOW! and Obviously keep making More Amazing Games

Gamers FTW!!!

PshycoNinja3176d ago

and the fanboys get all angry, I just watch this video and I remember how funny all this bickering is.

BWS19823176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

is more rabid than half the people in here. He always shows up in here nowadays in articles he cares nothing about. He has trouble with the internet navigation I guess, which is funny, since all he cares about is PC usage...

On topic, I'm glad to hear this, though the reason for it isn't because I have stocks in Sony or it makes me sleep at night (there are those that into this stuff, I'm not one)...The reason it's pleasing is that the more balance and the more even the two HD giants get in this (PC has no competition IMO, so I'm happy with what's coming out for mine as it is), the more fierce the pressure on each one of them. That equates to better gaming overall, more fun for gamers in the end, a more memorable gen of gaming with lasting products.

The other good thing is, the more sales Sony can get, the better case they can make to bring any games over or convince new IP's to start up, etc...Since I now have a 360, it doesn't have to be stuff from there, though, but it could be remakes or games that wouldn't show up on any console anywhere just finally making their way because the user base is JUST large enough. The more successful a console is, the more software and features will come about for it. It's quite simple really, so the "you're not a stockholder, you're teh fanboyz" argument is skewed: it's not that some of us have invested money in these companies, it's that we have invested hopes of future fun. Is that so hard to get?

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Karooo3177d ago

= 33.5 million suck it bots.

Trebius3177d ago

Everyone that's a Halo fan already HAS a 360, no one's going to get a 360 to play the 5th iteration of the're an idiot if you think so. That's why Halo sales DECREASE after each installment...


Doesnt matter.

Still last place.

LordMarius3177d ago

MS will probably ban consoles once again

Sigh3177d ago

if Sony is quickly coming at em for market share.

The Iron Sheik3177d ago

They will probably ban 2 million consoles a week or two before Halo Reach comes out. And then boast about how Halo moved 2 million 360's.

Shady bastards.

stonecold13177d ago

the best there is sony all the way thanks sony