Gamer Limit Review: Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars

Gamer Limit writes "Really.. Bad online support"

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thedoctor3205d ago

What's the point of fighting games nowadays if online support is crap?

Fullish3205d ago

For people who still have real friends.

SkankinGarbage3205d ago

Real friends in your vicinity that give a damn about fighters.

Optical_Matrix3205d ago

Dunno about you but when I want to play with friends we invite eachother over or go to Arcades/Tournaments to play against eachother more so than we do play online know..I mean it could be argued is should be a de facto standard but I dunno

timmywalnuts3205d ago

A great game, and could have been amazing if they put some more work to the online.

Yuenanimous3205d ago

The art style just isn't my cup of tea. Great review though!

themizarkshow3205d ago

Great write up. Too bad this has bad online, otherwise I might consider it.

SpoonyRedMage3205d ago

What? The online works great!

You can filter between worldwide and regional if you want to reduce lag as well! or jut fight friends! Also if people keep disconnecting the server automatically puts them against people that disconnect a lot so that gets those buggers out of the way!

I'm playing off the Wii's Wi-Fi and it takes about a minute to find a match and then it's quick and easy from then on in. I've only had lag in one fight out of the forty or so I've fought.

butterfinger3204d ago

I'm trading my PS3 for another Wii today, and I think I might go ahead and pick this up now. :)

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