Massive Failure Rate For Xbox 360 Exposed

Retailers are claiming that Microsoft has had to handle a failure rate of over 30% with their Xbox 360 console. More than 100 consumers have written to SmartHouse complaining of either poor service from Microsoft or total failure of their gaming console. One consumer was even given back a refurbished unit in exchange for their original Xbox console

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achira4137d ago

over 30% ? i think it is nearly 60%.

GameOn4137d ago

30% sounds about right. I was expectin bout 20% so i wasnt far off.
Hopefully MS takes notice.

sonarus4137d ago

i was expecting 35-40%. Its really funny how the Xbox's die jst after warranty. 1st the warranty was 3months next they increased it to 1 yr. Its good to know they are fixing the problem though.

Gonna hit - for every single anti sony comment or pro xbox comment i won't be the only 1 with one bubble

JsonHenry4137d ago

This news makes me feel really lucky that I bought two on launch day and have not had a single problem with either one.

TheSadTruth4137d ago

TT the time will come my friend

I also owned 2 launch 360 and one just recently got the red lights right after the halo 3 beta

luckily I faked some tears on the phone and the guy let me get it repaired for free lol

blackdragon874137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

yeaaa but id say like 40%!!! retarded azz microsoft...and if ur hasnt died yet for nebody its only a matter of time it will die so dont doubt it!!

dantesparda4137d ago

Hm, so that's what you gotta to do to get them to fix it for free, eh? So i gotta basically cry. Its too bad i couldnt cry even if my life depended on it. Ugh! fvcking MS and their fvcking bullsh!t, and their trying to hide this sh!t. They are the new Sony people! arrogant and full of sh!t. Wake up people. You's have become what you accused the Sony fanboys of being.

And for all you guys who think your lucky cuz your 360 hasnt died yet. Huh! just wait, you'll see, that sh!t is gonna clunk out on you after your warranty is up, so you have to pay. My 2nd one lasted 1yr and 3 months before it went, so its only a matter of time. I say, no 360 makes it past 2 yrs no matter how much you baby it!

R.I.P 360 (May 29th)

witchking4137d ago

I still have the first one I bought in just 2 months after launch. The disc drive occasionally makes a horrid noise, which it's done for quite some time, but other than that it still works great. Now I have friends who have received the red ring of death, but given the number of friends I have on my list, I'd say only 5% of them have had the failure.

Also Known As4137d ago

This so called "rings of death" issue is just a pathetic attempt by sony and its fanboys to sabotage 360 sales. When it happens to you (it very seldom does)all you have to do is press the power button (of the console not the controller) and turn it off, then wait about a minute and then turn on the console again but this time using the controller. This only happens because the 360's OS is very sensitive to the slightest power surge.

So sony and all its fanboys can just stfu already and just drop this BS!

ShiftyLookingCow4137d ago

hey I live in Antartica and my xbox 360 is running fine, not to mention it keeps me warm and happy

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ThaGeNeCySt4137d ago

wow i'm glad my 360 hasnt croaked... the horror stories on that link are horrible

closedxxx4137d ago

That sounds fair...
My first console crapped out.
My second has been going strong.
I'd say that nearly 50% of all people that I know who had a launch console have had it die.
It seems that people who purchased one that was made after the launch have been a lot less likely to fail.
Still pretty unacceptable
Good thing it has so many great games and features, otherwise they would be hurting.

gaffyh4137d ago

Holy crap 30% failures in about a year, that's bad...its almost 4million users if you look at how many they supposedly have sold/shipped

tplarkin74137d ago

Only 2 employees were quoted at their own retail outlets. One of them said it was "under 30% at launch" and decreased since. The other said it was just over 30%. The article is not scientific at all. MS doesn't have a 30% failure rate.

gaffyh4136d ago

True, but you can't scientifically calculate the failure rate of a console, all you can go on is user feedback, and although some people may not get any failures, some people have got 4 failing 360s in the space of a week so it averages out. 30% does seem like a realistic value if you look at it that way.

PSTripleOG4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahah aahahahahahahahaahahahahahaaha h ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah a hahahahaahaha ooopps hahahahahahahahahaha oops again. This is becoming too funny, i dont support bad hardware, never have and never will, AND YESSSS THE 360 HAS GOOD GAMES I ADMIT IT. BUT BAD HARDWARE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAAHAHAH OOPS
One more thing----- OWNED.

FordGTGuy4137d ago

lose your bubbles pretty fast. Unless you already did and made this new account so you can get bubbles back.

Vash_The_Stampede4137d ago

Silly guys trying to justify buying crap hardware. Tell me this would you keep a brand new HD camera that you just bought and failed on you if Microsoft made it. LoL you actually think Microsoft is concerned about you, at least Sony concentrated with quality instead of throwing there system out the and screwing over buyers like Microsoft. The failure rate on the PS3 is 1% or less. When you get up to 30% or more thats pathetic and guys know it. You know it, lol.

A few of you are starting to see this and your anti Sony comments are greatly decreasing (I.E. TheFart, I mean TheMart), its ok guys we welcome you over, because you will indeed come over, let the flame wars end, throw away your Crapboxes and go out and get a PS3, we got a nice line up coming out that i'm sure you will enjoy.