I Never Want to Play Mass Effect 2 Again

It's only February, and already Mass Effect 2 has set the bar that all 2010 Game Of The Year contenders will need to hurdle to even enter the conversation. I finished it this morning, and I can tell you that it is definitely as good as you've been hearing.

Between Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 2 we've been blessed with two spectacular BioWare epics in the last 90 days. While there are obvious similarities between the two games, and both titles definitely received a sprinkling of Ye Olde BioWare Magic, there is one glaring difference that struck me while the Mass Effect 2 credits were rolling.

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PirateThom3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

My Paragon meter was full by the end, but that doesn't mean some swift vegence wasn't unleashed as needs be since my Renegade meter got about a third full as well.

I can't picture Shephard as a prick, I tried it in ME1 on a new save file and was never happy. Shephard is a badass, sure, but he's also a compassionate leader, in my games anyway.

I don't really want to play it again either... to me, my single playthrough of both games is all I need... it's a continuous saga and I'm willing to live with my actions until the very end.

Saaking3177d ago

I already finished the first play through, but I'm gonna make an entirely new character and play through it again on Insanity settings. That way I'll have to sets of save games for ME3. It's a great game imo, and I don't mind playing it more than once.

chester3177d ago

i'll probably do what i did with mass effect, which is finish my playthrough (which i have done now for ME2) and then not play it again until getting ready for ME3. i completely understand what the author is talking about. i have such a complete feeling about my imported shepard and the choices i've made that i don't want to change them just to see what happens. the curiosity of playing through the game as total renegade seems trivial to me right now.
i'm sure i'll start up another game with another character just to experience it again because i can't remember ever being so enthralled by a game, but that playthrough won't be "my" experience. the middle portion of my character's story has already been written so now i'll just have to wait for it's conclusion.

ceedubya93177d ago

but I've already gone back into ME1 to lay some groundwork for a 2nd character. I'll probably switch back and forth between the two, but after I finish the part 2 with my first character, I'll be going back with my other character to catch him/her up. I plan on having two or three different characters ready to go for part 3.

EVILDEAD3603177d ago

After seeing everything they give for a second playthrough..the end credits werent even cold before I started up my second run-through..and the funny thing is it's just as freakin' fun the second time

The fact is unless you cheated or used a book there is no humanly way you could have known throughout the game that certain decisions or lack of Paragon points, player skills, etc. would have dire consequences when you got to the latter points of the games.

The infamous arguments, the loss of loyalty, the choice to use certain players at certain points in the game were choices that you learned the hard way were flat out wrong.

But, those were YOUR choices. If you looked at the achievement list there were flat out spoilers in it. (Which is why I never do) But afterwards it is clear the multiple palythroughs isnt just an option it's a must if you want to experience everything the game has to offer.

Mass Effect 2 is just one of those games where achievements and game satisfaction go hand and hand. But, this game is just so amazingly immersive that I just don't want to leave the universe just yet.

For me one more Paragon playthough to get almost all of the rest of the achievements. Then the last as a Renegade on the hardest difficulty to get the last one.

Mass Effect 2 = Gaming Crack inserted directly into bloodstream


mal_tez923177d ago

It's a very similar game except with really shi++y combat. Mass Effect has really fun combat.

NinjaAssassin3177d ago

i will play through it multiple times just because its fun. i love the combat, and the atmosphere is second to none. i just love to go in and soak it all up.

BYE3177d ago


What with the PC hate? If you have a decent PC, that's the way to go.

No hate for the 360, but the loading times on this version are ridiculous at times and the disc swapping isn't necessary if you have the choice.

PC = definite experience.

vhero3176d ago

Exactly one of my bad points about this game ZERO re-playability. Another reason why i'm shocked with the stupidly high scores. Don't get me wrong as an actual game its fantastic it's just too short and once its over you wont play again so what's the point of buying it when your better off renting?

king1233176d ago

he meant that he is happy enough with what he done with the game and he didn't mean that nthis game is bad because it shouldn't be replayed

Aquanox3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

Haha... How can an article like this get so hot over here?

The fanboys are desperated, they just can't get over the fact that Mass Effect is an incredible game.

I wonder when the articles against IGN's "Mass Effect 2 is better than Uncharted" will start to surface over here.

So much fun around. ME2 is awesome, deal with it.

dragunrising3176d ago

The title is definitely misleading. Judging from some of the comments many people forgot to read the article. Are people so biased that they're judgement is decided the second they see the title- I think so.

On topic- I'm defiantly interested in many more playthroughs for ME 1 & 2. I imported my character whom strictly paragon and was happy with my choices. I decided to pursue Tali as a love interest. She is intriguing and was in my squad the entire time through each game. I wonder if Liara is going to be pissed at me in ME 3...:-/

PopEmUp3176d ago

just read the damn article would ya? I bet your fanboy rage should be post in the other section >>>> open zone?

P.s. yes I do agree is an awesome games, I play it on Pc, great game enjoy every moment of it, but you need to understand everyone had their opinion/preference so just get over it

Christopher3176d ago

I totally get where the author is coming from. But, my solution is to play as a different class and make the exact same solutions. I'm practically 100% paragon - you gotta play the role right if you want to gain the respect of Krogans - and I'm staying that way with all of my characters I play. So, yeah, I'm not changing it up and I'm not going to see any of my characters die, but I'm very happy with my decisions and enjoying some additional gameplay with some different abilities.

dawgsfan1173176d ago

Is it just me or do other people get the feeling that ME3 is going to be massively different for a lot of people. So much can change depending on the little things you do throughout this game. Then what you decide during the final mission can change the entire premise of the next game. I love it but it seems like a real challenge for the guys at bioware. They are essentially making two games.

Aaroncls73176d ago

What a f*cking tool. Worthless article.

KingME3176d ago

Play the damn game before you try and hate on it. The game has plenty of replayability. Multiple character classes, decisions that affect future versions, moral choices that determine how some things are played out.

How could you intelligently say this game has zero replayability. Clearly you're just a fanboy hater. FAIL.

joydestroy3176d ago

i beat it last night as a female vanguard. right after the credits finished rolling, i started over with a male sentinel. lots of re-playability imo. will keep me busy until Bioshock2 drops this month.

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dawgsfan1173176d ago

I have owned a 360 since launch but flame baiting pricks like you make me wish I didn't. All you do is troll this site all day looking for somebody to piss of. This was a great article and captured the feeling of this game perfectly.

I also own a PS3 now and im glad I do. Played some great games on it in the last year.

Lord Vader3176d ago

Read the article. He screwed up: "Throughout the course of the story, I played the game pretty much right down the middle, and my Paragon and Renegade levels were almost dead even at the end..."

Thats not how I play an RPG. Personally, I have my "perfect" Shepard with all the right choices & my "Evil" Shepard with all the wrong ones. I have played through both characters, & it made the game very different. Now it's on to try out different classes for me.

The author is happy with his one middle ground playthrough. I am happy with the multiple playthroughs & chracter classes, romances, & dlc I will experience from now until Mass Effect 3 hits.

"I'm Commander Shepard, & this is my favorite store on the Citadel."

Bigpappy3177d ago

I love the choice Bioware game me to do it my way. I have done it my way and don't want to mess with how satified that make me feel.

ZombieRollz3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

But but but the 10/10 replayability.

Edit for moron below:
Dude, if you'd ever come to the open zone, I don't support MAG or WKC. Now Heavy Rain and God of War 3 are games that I do support. If those flop, I'll leave this site forever. BOOKMARK FOR LATER.

THE MAX SPEED 213177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

but but M.A.G was supposed to be the next greatest AAA and guess what! it's not AAA it's total crap.

but but RPGS only suck on the xbox360!!!

"PS3 gets better RPGZzzz"

WKC just flopped real hard with metascore below 7.0 which means its Crap.

Cross edge lowest rated next gen jrpg only availabe on PS3.

Sigh3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

when are you gonna admit you are a hypocrite too the same as Bungie? Your posts are more 360-pro then "trying" to be reasonable with fake support for PS3. WKC is a great game, MAG is also, better than the previously exclusive Eternal Sonata, Last Remnent, Left 4 dead 2: Recycled of part 1, and Lost Odyssesy.

vmartin123177d ago

Everyone views a game differently..

One game, you may only find it interesting through one play through.

While another person my find it interesting for another 3 play throughs.

Everyone's different..

I wouldn't even touch ME2, know why? - Because the genre of this game doesn't interest me... I'd get lost, my attention would wander.. then I would say "Screw This!" and be off playing Gears or CoD.

Everyone sees a game differently.

THE MAX SPEED 213177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

I'm not an hypocrite.

I'm serving them the same thing they give us lol. I like the PS3 and dont have any problem with the games and such. I just dont like these clowns here spilling bs . Thats the difference.

and no mag isnt better than L4D2 the Reviews and scores dont agree with your arguement.

and yes last ramnant on xbox360 was Crap.

Lou Ferrigno3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

i think MAXSPEED's but is acually a little hurt,Awww no sympathy here buddy,go cry between your daddy's butt crack. :)

EDIT; lol haha a muscled male,to funny i tell you.
and you not only admitted your a dellusional bot like the rest of them on here but also shows your stupid enuf to go by our so called gaming "jurnalist" reviews about whats a good game or not.

hahaha i needed a good laugh mr speed.
maybe next time,since everyone knows were to find you 24/7 lol.

THE MAX SPEED 213177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

Smh this website is running with Wild homos aka Lou.

How you gon have a picture of a Muscled male with no shirt on and come @ me talking bout butt cracks and hurted butts?

Stop the gayness bro that aint right you know your Momma Raised you better than that.

Nihilism3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

You didn't read the article did you zombie

"Mass Effect 2 is actually a very complete role playing experience, in the truest sense of the word. It is the rare example of a game that presents meaningful choices that aren't obviously black or white, and truly allows players to live in the grey area in between."

He's saying that the story is very fulfilling and that an immediate replay to correct flaws inherent in polar opposites of other games, is not needed in ME2, that does not mean other playthroughs are not as fun. Because this game has more replayability than most. The entire course of the game is determined by the actions you took in ME1, and throughout ME2 you determine who lives and dies ( which characters will be available in ME3 ) and what the ending is and the outcomes of all the sidequests have deep ramifications that last into the next game.

Tell me one other game that allows that level of detail and realism in continuity, There is none.

My first playthough was perfect, the story arcs were designed so that it wasn't as through you got to a certain place in the main quest, and the side quests were cut off and you were unable to complete them, they were designed so the entire galaxy was yours to do with as you see fit, and in any order. All of the side quests are also relevant to the main quest and the consequences will also carry into the next game.

No other RPG has the same replayability or depth. I played Dragon Age back to back, which I didn't do with ME2, but Dragon Age was a shallow game in comparison and I don't want to ruin ME2 through overuse.


You clearly don't own it, and you're not fooling anyone, but thanks for the laugh.

ZombieRollz3177d ago

Why would I read an article about a game I've already beaten? That makes no sense.

Dev8 ing3177d ago

I own both L4D's and I prefer MAG to them both. Once you have played all the scenarios a few times it gets a little boring. Being a zombie was pretty fun for a while too and one of the things that keep me coming back. But, I like games where you have to level up and unlock new stuff, it keeps me interested. But that is just me and I'm sure there are lots of people who disagree.

NinjaAssassin3177d ago

i tried to like MAG but it just feels so generic to me. i enjoyed both the left 4 dead games a hell of a lot more.

36T3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

"Why would I read an article about a game I've already beaten? That makes no sense"

Please explain to me why you would read the headline and then post multiple comments on an article you are not interested in reading because you finished the game? Now that makes perfect sense. Wow

ChrisW3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )


They're not going to flop, but regardless we wouldn't mind seeing the door hit you on the way out!!!

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Nihilism3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

I did my first playthough as perfect as I could have hoped for:

Full paragon bar, all crew members survived, all side quests done, all planets explored, all upgrades minus 1 assault rifle damage upgrade and one tech damage upgrade, I destroyed the Collector base, I told Aria's guard that the Salarian had info on him, because despite the fact that she is a thug, there is balanced power on Omega, I convinced Mordin to keep the data on the Genophage and to work on a cure, I did as Tali wanted and used a paragon conversation check to convince them to overturn the case against her without showing what her father did. I allowed Legion access to the ship's communications and I set the Geth free. I also convinced the Quarian to stop fighting with them to prepare for the reapers. I chose to stop the nuke that went for the main city ( saving thousands ) in the side mission and allowed the other missile to hit the alliance base ( which although a tactical advantage, seemed to be vacant....Paragon all the way baby ). I convinced Miranda to quit Cerberus in the end, and romanced Thane ( as a female Shepard ). Although it would probably be Garrus next time.

I have my game save tucked away because I will never be able to top it, but I will play through with a new game + using my save to get bonuses, and then I'll still use my original playthrough file for ME3.

For ME2 I went to a website that had ME2 game saves listed with the actions taken, level achieved and paragon or renegade scores. Because My ME1 save was so old I didn't want to use it.


I'm going to play through on insanity next too, I want that Geth Rifle.

Do you know if it still works when you change the difficulty level on the fly?, because you really only need to have it on Insanity aboard the Collector ship to get the rifle. ( In theory )

kingdavid3177d ago

Ive finished the game but next time use a spoiler warning. The game's only been out a week.

ReBurn3176d ago

Might want to watch it with the spoilers there, dchalfont. At least if you're going to post them be kind enough to give people warning so they can skip your post.