Halo 3 Achievements Are Suprisingly Boring

It's been almost two years since the Xbox 360 launched, and thus two years since the birth of the "achievement": a small badge of honor proudly worn on a gamer's tag, with an attached number of points acting as the ultimate reward for a gamer's dedication and perseverance.

With the upcoming third installment of the indisputable face of the Xbox platform, Halo, one would imagine that the title should mark the ultimate culmination of two years of testing the achievement waters. Now that the achievement list is available, though, I am a little disappointed.

Perhaps Bungie figured it better to stick to simple and straightforward accomplishments, but I can't help but feel somewhat disappointed with the end result.

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Mighty Boom4138d ago

I could of told you that.

hydrog4138d ago

They should be boring.. that way boosters/cheaters/achievement whores won't ruin the game.

Good job Bungie!!

Rhezin4138d ago

I think they're awesome with all the skulls and different kills equaling 5 points each so nobody goes overboard trying to kill everything. I don't know what the deal is with this guy

zonetrooper54138d ago

Wow I swear there will always be someone who complains aobut something so stupid, he has not played the final game and he is already moaning about the achievements. I bet they will be fun.

Mycococo4138d ago

i dint think they were that bad. its halo! what would you have thought the achievments would be? humping pwned players faces!? actually that would have been good. lol

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The story is too old to be commented.