Video: Project Natal Can "Fundamentally Change The World"?

Major Nelson is one of Microsoft's and its Xbox 360 most avid fans. He's like the Xbox crusader and everything that might be interesting to fans and foes alike, he makes known. A few hours ago Nelson sent a link that lead to a video on YouTube with never before seen interviews and a combination of videos which entails all things Project Natal.

"A mashup of old Project Natal footage and some new, never before seen interviews with members of the team," Major tweeted.
It's after the break.

A team member went as far as saying, "It's very rare that you get to participate in something that has the capability of fundamentally changing the world."

It's after the break

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LordMarius3205d ago ShowReplies(2)
Major_Tom3205d ago

Fundamentally change how you look like an idiot screaming in front of your tv because of broken controls.

deadreckoning6663205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

I actually agree with the possibility of this title. NONE of us have seen the FINAL version of Natal yet, so people saying Natal will fail are just ignorant. The Wii is essentially a a beefed up Gamecube with Motion Controls and its dominating this console generation. If this can happen, why can't Natal change the world?

Not trying ta start anythg, but I think that the reason PS3 fanboys hate on Natal is because they know deep down that Natal is what will keep the 360 in second place. I don't understand how you can be a "gamer" and want this to fail. The innovation here is astounding!

Reibooi3205d ago

Yeah totally agree with that. This is pretty much gonna be a Wii 2.0 minus a controller(which is good so now people won't be able to blame the games for putting a controller through their TV)

Until I am shown a REAL game that uses Natal and by real I mean not a gimmick mini game fest then I don't believe it will change anything.

Saaking3205d ago

Heck no. Neither the wands nor Natal will do anything revolutionary. Let's look at the facts. Natal= 30 FPS max (LOTS of lag, impossible 1:1). Natal uses around 15 percent of the 360's power which means Natal supported games won't even look close to Gears 2 (and that game looks quite outdated already). Natal will just limit the 360 even further.

fear883205d ago

What the hell are they trying to pull? And were is the disclaimer at the bottom saying "Target Render: Not Actual Footage".

This was basically Major using tweets for brainless hype.


baum3205d ago

He always overhypes and underdelivers. I'm sick of opinionated developers that won't shut their mouth instead of doing their jobs. That goes for Jaffe and CliffyB too.

ChozenWoan3205d ago

Actually his name is Darth Molyneaux.... just don't tell anyone.

DSI3205d ago

I remember the day when haters use to be sneaky about it and hate behind your back. Now haters are become more outspoken and blatant.

It's one thing to be skeptical about something, but some of you guys are beyond skepticism, you actually want Natal to fail simply out of hate and jealousy and that is simply sad.

And for those that are too stuborn (or should I say too stupid) to put their controller down for a sec and try it, that's too bad for you, you'll be missing out. Just like the things you miss out on now because of your closed minds like good games on "BOTH" consoles. Enjoy your limited lives, I'll be moving on to the next adventure.

tudors3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

I cannot believe you got agree's, why would we be screaming about broken controls when there aren't any?

Time_Is_On_My_Side3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

lol, you do know it works very similar to the PlayStation Eye, it just furthers that technology. That's why most people don't see it (the innovation), but "head tracking" is something cool. What I find so clever with Sony's idea it's like they took the motion capture equipment to utilize high precision gaming (those white balls they have on their joints).

That's what is important in gaming, having the fastest response time for more accuracy in gaming. None of them are innovating, but to me Sony is cleverer. In the end Sony has perfected Nintendo's idea and Microsoft has perfected Sony's idea. At the same time I have a feeling Microsoft's technology is more of a first iteration than a perfection.

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