1UP: Top 5 Game Plot Devices Due for Retirement

Videogames have gotten pretty fancy over the last thirty years or so. Back of the box bullet points include graphical features that sound more like something a Star Trek character would spout when they?re about to save the day by recalibrating the ansiotropic gouraud bloom on the deflector's dynamic range antialiaser couplings. At a glance, Bioshock 2 bears about as much resemblance to Pong as a Ferrari Enzo does to a Model T. Until you look under the hood, and realize that the thing that makes it move is still the same worn out crank starter engine.

As fancy as the technology has gotten, most storylines haven't made it much past "rescue the princess" in terms of narrative complexity. Here are five choice plot devices that could stand to be put in the ground and forgotten.

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