PS3: 6/21/07 Thursday PSN Update

Here's the full rundown of the PSN updates going live today:

• MotorStorm Time Attack (free): See if you've got what it takes to set the pace by downloading the new MotorStorm Time Attack mode. Race against the clock to set the best possible lap times on each of the tracks, then check out the global leader boards to see how fast you really are. Create and share ghost car laps that you can race with to improve your skill, or show off your technique to the world.

• Hot Shots Golf 2 ($5.99*): Put on some plaid pants and head out to the course in Hot Shots Golf 2.

• CoolBoarders ($5.99*): CoolBoarders presents a most awesome and excellent challenge: to out-shred the best boarders on the pro circuit.

• The Heartbreak Kid Trailer (free): Download a new trailer for the upcoming comedy, The Heartbreak Kid.

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masterg4137d ago

I strongly recommend grabbing the update for Motor-storm. Believe it or not it great fun to race against 7 ghosts that you created yourself. It's like knowing every move your opponents will make in the race.

Plus I shaves you times big time.

JIN KAZAMA4137d ago

Fun. I will definatley pick this up. I cant wait to put my best times on that.

LeonSKennedy4Life4136d ago

I watched Galaxy Quest yesterday. I'd forgotten Dwight was in it!

That season finale was AMAZING!


sumfood4u4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

Bring Castlevania SOTN,Metal Gear or FF7 to your store please thank you!

Premonition4137d ago

I wonder if that update also comes with the patch, that would be great news as well.

Violater4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

make sure you update the game first before u download the patch.
Wow it seems people have gone to work on our bubbles, lets help each other out and press that (+)

sonarus4137d ago

agreed i never used to hit those buttons but now am gonna hit negative for every +ve xbox comment or every -ve sony comment. I dnt even care anymore. Teach you xbots to take my bubbles

Tricky4137d ago

Agreed, i'm sick of all these Xbots taking bubbles.

This is Spaaaarrrttttaaaaaaaaaa

Blankman4137d ago

WTF!!! Sony is begining to piss me off. No demo's i mean is this so hard. Xbox got the surfs up demo today. Surfs up is a effin sony movie. They need to get on their demo game pronto. Demo's help sell the game. The top sellin ps3 games to date all have demos. What are they doing over there

Expy4137d ago

Blame the third parties, it's not Sony's job to "make" demos for the third parties. If the third parties develop them and hand them over to Sony then Sony will put them up.

Blankman4137d ago

yea but xbox seems to be doing a better jon at getting the 3rd parties to put demos up. Unless the 3rd parties are jst plain racist. Opting for the black box over the white

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The story is too old to be commented.