IGN: Mastering Heavy Rain

Another weekend in the office. Quantic Dream tried to find a way to organize production after the Beta. The solution came quickly when they realized that they were exactly seven weeks away from the Master. It helps make things more concrete.

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Xwow20083177d ago

really work hard to get this game done in time.

Diffusion3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

Bless him.
David [and his team] have put so much time, hard work and effort into this game and the most I can wish for him is for HEAVY RAIN to 'succeed'.

Just noticed, on his dev blog, he announced HDD install weeks ago. Infact, reading this blog post, it seems these are very old blog posts being published a few weeks after they have written.

"They give me their report over the phone every evening. Lots of interesting things in the feedback, particularly a relatively unanimous evaluation of the pacing at the start of the game, considered to be too slow. I spend too much time setting up Ethan, I knew that when I was writing it. We've been having this discussion in the studio for several months but I was reluctant to modify the balance at the beginning of the game, although I knew it didn't work right. The feedback from the Play Tests helps to make the decision. In all, three scenes cut in order to get to the core of the story faster. Strangely enough, I experience this as a sort of relief. Those scenes would have taken a lot of work to get them to function properly. And there's enough work to be done on the rest of the game.

Especially since the Play Tests sent back another important piece of information: in two hours of play, not a single player got past scene 7. Which means that we undoubtedly have more game time than we imagined. It's hard to know exactly. " Sweet

zeeshan3177d ago

You can sense the passion there. Reading his post, you get the feeling how difficult it must be to create a video game. Especially if you know that you are doing something different and people might not support it. Well, David, I am not sure if you are ever going to read this or not but if you do, know that I WILL support you by buying this game. I know that we don't support such efforts, in the end, all that'll be left will be the same old stupid FPS or TPS and some action/adventure games. We need innovation and I will support you with my wallet :)

Kerrby3177d ago

It's really amazing how committed Cage is to this game (inb4 movie).

Only 19 more days till release, bring it on!