Splinter Cell: Conviction Release Date Confirmed

TeamXbox writes: Splinter Cell: Conviction has been delayed a number of times, but Ubisoft is absolutely, positively sure this time that it's coming out on April 13th. How sure? Well, they sent us rocks with the game's logo and date LASER-ETCHED into either side.

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Abash3182d ago

Now the date is written in stone lol, so it better come out on that day.

deadreckoning6663182d ago

So this is the 4th time its been confirmed?

zeeshan3182d ago

Ok here we go again. How soon before they delay it to Fall 2010? I hope they don't delay it anymore man! This and Alan Wake are the two titles I am anxiously waiting for!

Saaking3182d ago

What exclusives does the 360 have in Feb and March? I'm trying to find some games for it till SCC arrives.

Rush3182d ago

Ermmm I don't know to be honest maybe you could try buying a multi platform game. There's plenty of good games out in March to many if you ask me I wish they would of released a few more in February.

Immortal Kaim3182d ago

Don't know why it matters if there are exclusives or not, as long as there are games, right?

Anyway I think Metro 2033 is out in March, that is for 360/PC? Don't know of any other games that are exclusive to a particular console?

Rockox3182d ago

Bioshock 2, Aliens Vs Predator...

theEnemy3182d ago

obviously, Saaking only buys 360 exclusives on his 360. While multiplats goes to the PS3.

Blaze9293182d ago

No I think he was trying to make a point...a sad one at that -_-

Grown Folks Talk3182d ago

Well according to this news, you'll be getting both on the same day.

NinjaAssassin3182d ago

awesome! i can't wait to jump into sam fisher's boots again. splinter cell is my favorite stealth/action series by far.

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bioshock12213182d ago

Great news 2010 is looking to be a great year for the xbox 360 and its owners. Its almost to good I have to be picky with the games I chose to buy now.

Arnon3182d ago

Agreed. This is the best year of gaming this entire generation in my eyes.

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lowcarb3182d ago

I can't wait for this game! Day one for me ever since it was announced. It's been a long time and finally time for the return of Sam. If anybody's been keeping up the explosions look spectacular (very cinematic)and even the co-op look like a ton of fun. Also I'm looking forward to some Rainbow 6 or Ghost Recon 4 news very soon.

deadreckoning6663182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

@Troll Police- Yeah, I get what your saying. If its as affordable as u say to upgrade a PC, ill look into it. If ME2 and Conviction never make it to the PS3, maybe I'll still get a chance to play' em!

Edit: Hopefully ur right :)

Troll_Police3182d ago

Trust me, they will both make it to the PS3 and I will buy them again for the trophies. I played Splinter Cell 1, 2, 3, and Double Agent on my Playstation and I will play Conviction on it too. Trust me. Give it 6 months to a year. That's all M$ can afford to pay for.

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