BioShock 2: Your Questions Answered Part One

PS Blog writes: We FINALLY got the invite up to 2K Games Marin to talk to the BioShock 2 team, and what better timing than a week away from the game's release on Feb. 9. We certainly gathered by your abundance of Tweets that excitement for BioShock 2 is crazy high. So on Monday, I sat down with Senior Producer Melissa Miller and Lead Environment Artist Hogarth de la Plante (with a chillingly lifelike Little Sister standing eerily behind us) who answered a heap of your questions – so many in fact that we had to split the video into two parts.

So today, you'll see part one that focuses primarily on BioShock 2's single-player campaign, including details on story development, philosophical influence, plasmids and much more. And head on back tomorrow for part two, which delves deep into the much-anticipated multiplayer mode.

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*sees 360 buttons on interface*

and I love Ayn Rand, absolutely fascinating to study her books. It lead me to places at a few Universities to study philosophy.
Video games can get you places!