MAG set for patch v1.01a tomorrow morning

The Lost Gamer writes "Jeremy Dunham has today revealed that MAG is set to receive a small patch, of 300Kb, tomorrow morning."

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SasanovaS19873205d ago

how about with that 300kb u remove a house or 2 from svers map???

blusoops3205d ago

LOL....Completely agree. I'm Raven,and out of 25 times attacking sver, we've only one Still having a blast with this game tho!!!

callahan093205d ago

It's not the maps that make SVER tough to beat. I don't know what it is, but I've narrowed it down to basically that there are more SVER players, and with that there are more who are quite skilled, and there are more who are higher-leveled who have better skills and more experience in-game. I think that's the primary factor. More of the SVER players were in the beta and therefore have more experience with the game. They also are more dedicated and seem to have more high-level players that have unlocked the best weapons and skills to give their side the edge.

I'm Valor by the way. And the reason I don't think it's the maps is because even on my own Valor maps when we're playing defense, SVER seems to absolutely destroy us. We can win on defense almost every time when we're defending against Raven but when we defend against SVER we always seem to get our asses kicked. So it's definitely the players that are whooping us, not the map itself.

Shang-Long3205d ago

just beat sver in one of my 1st matches

Blaine3204d ago

Nah, statistically, it can't be the players.

With the amount of players per game and the amount of players per company, statistically we have to assume it balances out and rule out the human element. What are left are equipment and maps.

You pointed out that you've gotten whooped in defense, which would indicate an equipment superiority. I think that's the fault of that f****** DLC armor coupon we got from pre-ordering the game at gamestop/ebgames. That armor is an unfair advantage, which gave them the edge in the first games and allowed them to level up and unlock equipment faster, as you suggested.

I think their maps may be unbalanced too, although I can't say if it's just because of the equipment advantage. I do know that on a few occasions my platoon's captured points A and B in a sabotage mission within the first two minutes, and we never managed to get C. Last time I played that match, we captured A and B and managed to get C 16 minutes later. I know for sure that is A and B get captured on Valor's map within the first two minutes, 90% of the time we will lose that game.

Anyways, they're definitely not unbeatable, and my positive win/loss ratio would support that, but they're definitely harder to beat than Raven.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213204d ago

It's the gun... Their gun is way too powerful. I mean how the f*ck can you snipe with a machine gun?? When I picked up a SVER gun, I was killing people with 1-2 bullets opposed to about 5-7 bullets with my Valor gun...

red2tango3204d ago

I'm loving this game, and I'm loving the fact that Zipper is fixing it. No glitches or hacks either...looking at you Modern War-failure 2

iceman063204d ago

You are exactly right. SVER guns are just overpowered. If you don't believe it...go toe to toe with w SVER member and see who survives. Or, pick up a SVER weapon and use it. I played through the BETA with each faction and I was able to max out (lvl 40 on the BETA) my SVER character way faster than any other. I've even read about them being as much as 3x more potent than either Raven or Valor. (no proof...yet)!

Gun_Senshi3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Its called using a Bi Pod.

Btw, Valor are just pussies with virtual training like MGS G-Soilders

Blaine3204d ago

No, Raven are the virtual training guys. Valor are battle hardened soldiers, and SVER are hooligans. Get it right.

Either way, it's a game, so everyone's virtually trained.

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crider7713205d ago


Amen to that....

iceman063204d ago

Sorry...couldn't resist!!! Gotta love those Red Devils!!!

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