Extreme Gamer: MAG Review

To the casual onlooker the game will look like an unsightly scramble for territory between two opposing ant colonies. But play the game for long enough, and you'll start to make sense of the haphazard action. Moreover, the clever system design, which incentivises players to work within their teams by building in tangible benefits for doing so, encourages the sort of teamwork that most games of this scope fail to inspire. So while the mediocre presentation, drab environments and unsatisfying gunplay drag the experience down, it's hard to see MAG as anything but a compelling vision of how all large scale combat games will function in the future. And for that, it is to be applauded.

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themafia3204d ago

guess not. average review 8.5! pretty damn good if u ask me.

Blaine3204d ago

Play it. If you get into it, you will not be disappointed.