BlizzCon 2010 Dated?

Blizzard's annual convention BlizzCon looks set to return this year as IncGamers has been tipped-off that the event has a tentative date and location set for later this year. As expected, the venue looks set to remain the same. However, Blizzard has since responded regarding the dates leaked today and asked fans to refrain from making travel plans.

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Medievaldragon3177d ago

Sadly, it was debunked. The same happened with the Vegas rumor. These are dates that are scheduled, but not secured.

It's nice that Blizzard responds quickly to this type of things. Fans usually go schedule flight and hotel blindly without waiting for an official response or a public announcement.

Cogo3177d ago

So is this definitely not a real thing?

Leord3177d ago

Well, we don't know that for sure. It could just be one of those things where the plans are set, but they are still holding them open just in case they can't get the right final act or the like...

I mean, the date could be this, yes. So no, this is not confirmed as a wrong date.

Regardless, it's interesting they are at that level of planning!

Leord3177d ago

Don't worry about it, they will announce ticket sales dates at least a week or a few weeks in advance!

Redrudy3177d ago

No, it's not been debunked. Blizzard confirmed they've not made any announcement and not to make any travel plans. They have not denied it is on those dates.

Nihilism3177d ago

Who cares when it's dated, blizzcon is a runnning joke, they announce games 3 years in advance, people pay hundreds to go...and then it's silence as usual as far as the game development goes. They should have blizzcon a week before a game is released.

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Leord3177d ago

Could still be the dates they are preparing for. At the very least it's confirmed we have a BlizzCon. If they have plans for it this early, perhaps they even throw in another WWI!

kuangtu3177d ago

Don't know if I can make it this year.......time sure goes fast =(

Cogo3177d ago

Did you make it last year?

Cogo3177d ago

I went to 2007 and 2008, but missed 2009. I'm VERY determined to get to the 2010 one :P

Medievaldragon3177d ago

Hey bright way at looking at it. They didn't deny there would be a Blizzcon 2010. Me so happy. Daboo.

SCFreelancer3177d ago

Interesting. Blizzcon is always fun!

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The story is too old to be commented.