TeamXbox: Dante's Inferno Review

When games came on cartridges, the code was housed on chips that didn't enable nearly the amount of space for data or low media cost as today's optical discs provide. Developers had limited space to create their game masterpieces, and that meant they had to find somewhat artificial ways to extend the gameplay. Clearly, an elegant puzzle game like Tetris didn't feature elaborate graphics to take up that space, and for the most part the difficulty was increased through sheer speed increase. However, most games of that time stretched the gameplay time by gradually increasing the difficulty, so that only the best players would reach the end or at least you'd have to go through the wringer to get there.

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LordMarius3181d ago

haha even the bots dont like it
God of War Clone, Fail

ClownBelt3181d ago

Wow. Seriously? I don't think the game deserves that score.