Kitase explains difficulty in bringing Final Fantasy 7 remake to PS3

The Lost Gamer writes "Yoshinori Kitase also explains that such a problem relates to being unable to currently consider the continual requests for a Final Fantasy 7 remake. "

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Noctis Aftermath3205d ago

Kitase is either really bad at his job or just plan sucks at lying.

Kain813205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

they have the Gaming Plot, the Characters everything they need, they have the FU(K1NG ENGINE
Whats the BIG problem here SE, THE FANS WANT A FU(K1NG REMAKE for the PS3, so DO IT




MajestieBeast3205d ago

SE is pretty much dead aint making a new chrono game cause people in europe didnt wanna buy the rehash. Sony should just get the talent se has left and build a new studio for jrpgs so they can make legend of the dragoons 2.

Prototype3205d ago

I want my Tifa/Aeries/Yuffie in HD >:(

If they remake FF7 "CORRECTLY" SE will redeem themselves, otherwise FF14 is the final game I'll ever play from them

Rocket Sauce3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Are these guys honestly in charge of one of the biggest game franchises ever? I bet he had a bong in his hand when they interviewed him.

These games have been dead for a long time now. I knew Final Fantasy, and you sir are no Final Fantasy. Sakaguchi took everything good about it with him when he left.

Aleusia3205d ago

okay thanks for your input which is horribly biased and completely untrue because Kitase did a fantastic job with FF7, 8 and 10...(not sure who wrote 9 but it was good too)

So you keep your negative and very unpopular opinion, we can manage without people like you and you can just go worship Mistwalker all you want which btw are no longer Xbox exclusive.

What you said was just bad, awful.

Rocket Sauce3205d ago

I dug 8, 9 and 10, 7 was pretty good, but I have a hard time believing people like this had anything to do with the quality of those games when they say, "We didn't do this because it was too much work."

I guess it's cool that he's honest about it, but how many people just come out and talk like that?

Solidus187-SCMilk3205d ago

IT HAS TOWNS. ohhnooo.

I bet the original will still be way better anyways.

97gsx3205d ago

The problem here has nothing to do with development. Wada is the only thing standing between any ff7 being released. Sony has publishing rights so it would be have to be released on the ps3. Actually has there been any ps3 square games yet?

barom3205d ago

This is quite disappointing. I guess western developers really are a distance ahead of Japanese developers.

Aleusia3205d ago

people do change and there was once a time when Kitase was awesome, that time is clearly over...all they have left of quality is Nomura which is promising but also very shaky and unstable...I personally think Wada will force him to quit and form his own company or write his own Manga series or something i dont know really but I don't imagine he will let Wada push him around much longer and if Wada tries to force Versus to go multiplat you bet your ass Nomura will walk off, it goes against his entire premise of designing and putting so much time and effort into this game, Versus is HIS...for lack of better, his pride and joy at the moment and I think we are in for a fantastic JRPG experience let alone FF experience..that's what I think and I will stand by this and Nomura until I am proven to be wrong. Right now I believe that he is the only thing of worth SE has and once he leaves (it's inevitable nobody can deal with Wada) SE is screeeeewed.

Megaton3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

1.7's got it. FFVII has way too many towns for them to handle. Towns; separating the men from the boys this gen.

Frankly, I don't even want the remake. In the hands of the worthless pricks at SE these days, they'd probably ruin it. When your devs QQ about towns being too hard to create, you know there's a serious lack of talent at your studio.

wicko3205d ago

Really, how many developers do you hear say "It's too much work" and still respect them afterwards? Weakest excuse I've ever heard. The amount of work is worth the sales it will draw.

heroicjanitor3205d ago

You guys really hate square enix that much? I really think it's only the business side that has changed, they are influencing development too much now and interfering with creative vision because they think they know best, calling the developers "worthless fcuks" is uncalled for.

I can't name anyone on that team besides kitase and you expect the no-names to tell their boss to fcuk off and just leave? They aren't famous enough to ensure a job all they'd be doing is putting bad points on their resumé for being uncooperative.

baum3205d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft was simply paying for FF7 not to be developed at all.


iamtehpwn3205d ago

NO ONE *ever* liked Square Enix. We LOVED Square Soft.

colonel1793205d ago

"Making towns would take too much time"

Didn't they take 5 years to release this game? how much time do they need?

Next time they will announce a game for the ps3 and release it for the ps5? or what? and maybe will the game have towns then?

Saaking3205d ago

Here's the difficulty:

SE loves the 360 (particularly those big MS checks)

FFVII publishing rights in NA are owned by SONY.

Thus FFVII cannot be on 360 and so they decide to not make it at all. SE sucks just as much, if not more, than MS.

40cal3205d ago

Its almost like they cant see the millions of dollars staring them in the face.

ReservoirDog3163205d ago

I'm sure they're just saving it as a "get out of jail free card."

Moment it looks like they're going under, announce a FFVII remake. There, back to billionaires. Cause you know everyone will buy it no matter what.

Nikuma3205d ago

What a bunch of crap. Lazy devs FTL. FFVII remake is free easy money for the taking and yet they're to lazy/incompetent to do it. I don't think I'm ever going to buy another SE game again.(Haven't bought one in a long time but that's beside the point) You suck SE.

D4RkNIKON3205d ago

Damn straight! Square Soft FTW or we would have never gotten to play Super Mario RPG! /seriously

specialguest3205d ago

I'm not one of the fellahs who bashed FF13, but what happened to Squaresoft(Square Enix) of old?? Remember when they use to make a wide variety of different RPG series?

Check out the list of Square soft games:

Now check out the past 3 years of Square Enix Games:

It's mainly Final Fantasy related games,(excluding Virtual Console/PSN Network games) and limited new IPs!

What happened to you Square Enix!

TheDeadMetalhead3205d ago

The problem is they would have to make towns.

hay3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

@above: Exactly. And we all know how hard it is theese days for Square. Everything that's on different console than Wii or handhelds, it's just too difficult.

FamilyGuy3205d ago

Those games DID have LOTS of towns, huge towns in fact. The games were all town except for were most of the enemy fights took place but there were fights in the towns as well.

It just sounds ridiculous to keep reading him say this though, lol. I guess he mean because they would want all their towns to look gorgeous and that would take up too much dev time.

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MajestieBeast3205d ago

Just let Nomura handle it and it will atleast have some quality unlike ff13.

LeonSKennedy4Life3205d ago


Nomura is a freaking beast!

I'm so excited for FFVersusXIII!!!

Drakes_Fortune3205d ago

Do you think that Nomura is creating the game alone? Kitase and the rest of FF13 team moved to Versus.

dimitry213205d ago

when SE want $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ they will make a remake of FF7 thats my 2 cent

RememberThe3573205d ago

It might be the ace up their sleeve.

Solidus187-SCMilk3205d ago

at this rate it may not take long.

Optical_Matrix3205d ago

Oh f*ck off Kitase and cut the bullshit. It's not THAT hard to create towns in HD. What the hell kind of bullshite excuse is that. If devs can make open world games with HUGE cities in HD, then how can you not make towns? Considering the fact even IU, Lost Odyssey etc had them. Square Enix is just lazy. It actuall disgusts me the way they are treating FF. If FFXIV and Versus XIII turn out the same way SE can f*ck off. Being a hardcore fan of their work since I was a little kid, this really aggrevates me.

GrandDragon3205d ago

Actually with the level of quality SE demand its actually a very good reason.

If they decide to make a town with the quality they desire, then I guess it will take a long time. Either do it correctly or don't do it at all.

Why do you think GT5 is taking so long? The developers are perfectionists, they don't want to cut corners! Trying to create a City or a Town in such amazing graphics is very difficulty.

RememberThe3573205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

I do agree with you, but Square used to be an ambitious company. Seems like in the past they would have embraced the challenge.

richard44813205d ago

Oh i'm sure it'll still be a fantastic game