Toriyama explains reasons for Final Fantasy XIII linearity

The Lost Gamer writes "In an interview in Ultimania magazine, both Motomu Toriyama and Yoshinori Kitase, respectively the Director and Producer of the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XIII title from Square Enix, discuss the reasons behind the linearity of the title."

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sinncross3177d ago

What a load of rubbish. The game has been in development for at least 4 years if not easily more...

Drakes_Fortune3177d ago

Countless articles were already posted here saying that actual FFXIII ps3 development time was 1.5 years. There were lots of problems with the process along the way. First it was being produced for the ps2 only, but then the ps3 came out and they decided to make it on the ps3 instead.So they had to start from 0 again. Then, most of the team had to go work on the FF7 technical demo, so the project stopped for a while. There was other reasons also, search for the articles.

Immortal Kaim3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

Don't think I have ever seen a game bashed and totally dismissed as much as FFXIII, EVEN BEFORE MOST OF YOU HAVE PLAYED IT!!!

I think we know the reason for this, as soon as multi platform status was announced, fanboys couldn't wait to start bashing the game. Could you please start acting like gamers and wait until you have played it before forming an opinion, I mean, It makes you look downright ignorant.

GrandDragon3177d ago

Oh my the ignorance.

It took them a year for designs, artistic creation, concepts and such

Another year in developing the versatile engine from ground up

Once they developed this engine it took then a year respectively on each console.

All in all 4 years...

To develop Towns would take them much more longer meaning more money and more time.

DaTruth3177d ago

"Don't think I have ever seen a game bashed and totally dismissed as much as FFXIII, EVEN BEFORE MOST OF YOU HAVE PLAYED IT!!!"

Please! It got bashed from the first reviews released and they said it was linear and had no towns. Those are valid reasons to bash the game and it sets it apart from others in the series.

The game will sell ten times better on PS3 regardless of its multiplat status and I only became interested in the game after TGS, long after the multiplat announcement. Most of the PS3 owners on this site who were getting this are still getting it!

Stop making $hit up!

Noctis Aftermath3177d ago

Their excuses are weak and unacceptable.

Not including towns and NPC interaction in a FF game is like not including any sports cars in Gran Turismo.

Immortal Kaim3177d ago

Thanks for validating my point, again, it's being 'bashed' by fanboys when they haven't even played it based off of another person's opinion (review). Ummm have you played FFX, you do realise that game was extremely linear as well, obviously not to the same degree as many have described FFXIII, but the precedent was already set.

Of course the game will sell better on PS3, for me personally I will definitely get the PS3 version (based on my sizeable collection of FF stuff on Playstation Platforms), it still doesn't excuse the ignorance of bashing something before trying it out for yourself. People can have that 5 year old mentality if they want, it just doesn't sit well with me to berate something before I have experienced it.

If you're going to respond, please do it in a civilised manner.

Rush3177d ago

I totally agree but you can't reason with them, They will continue to bash it simply because it ain't exclusive any more. Although if it was exclusive the same guys bashing it now would be calling it the second coming of Christ there bias is blatantly obvious.

Let them continue there pathetic little smear campaign, right up until all the major review sites smash them if the face with a huge score.

Seriously I would value a chimps opinion on FF13 higher then some of there opinion's.

Claudinho693177d ago

the 2 minute techno demo? lol

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Ninji3177d ago

And it has to do with a certain last gen console that often gets the RRoD.

THE MAX SPEED 213177d ago

it might be linear in a way but the game is better than White knight chronicles 5.1/10 ign

and Cross edge 3/10

003177d ago

I think it as more to do with SquareEnix being lazy.

Raf1k13177d ago

WKC has nothing to do with this lol.

lunaticpanda1013177d ago

Too often on these comments I see people calling a lack of towns an instant failure of FFXIII. However, WKC shows that towns do not equal a success.

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MajestieBeast3177d ago

We all know the reason but the peons who support the console that dies on them wont believe it and now the people with the future proof console have to pay for that.

ShinFuYux3177d ago

Is he related to Akira Toriyama?

UnSelf3177d ago


no one is as great as the legendary Akira Toriyama

cha la, head cha la

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