Rockstar Games and GameStop Present the Red Dead Referendum Gameplay Video

Xbox Evolved:

"Only those who pre-order Red Dead Redemption through GameStop will have access to one of three exclusive outfits for John Marston, but voting is open to everyone."

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ghost043178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

I like the Expert Hunter the most, though the Savvy Merchant is probably more useful to the player by getting guns and ammunition for half the cost...but i guess it all depends on how much do guns and ammo cost in the game normally? and how difficult is it to earn money?...and with the Expert Hunter, how much do you get from Skins and Hides? i mean if you can make way more profit from that, then getting guns and ammo half price for isn't a big deal....and another thing is how many animals are in an area, or do you have to travel miles and miles to find one...