Ten things I loved about Final Fantasy XIII

After three weeks of off and on play, I'm finished. I logged 60 hours and 13 minutes as of yesterday. I'm finally finished with Final Fantasy XIII, the Japanese version.

Rather than give you straight impressions or a review, I've put together a top ten list of things I loved about Square Enix's latest epic. Rest assured, a full Destructoid review of the English version of the game is in the works. Naturally, we felt it was better to review the version you'll actually be playing.

- Dale North @ Destructoid

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Ninji3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

The only thing I like about this garbage is that it sucks so much I can save my money.

Son_Lee3269d ago

Where were you on all the WKC review stories? Yeah, quiet yourself.

GrandDragon3269d ago

And in-depth detailed review of someone who has spent over 60 hours playing the game yet notice the silence on N4G.

Apart form that retard over at the Open zone where is everyone else?

N4G is full of hypocrites looking for bubbles.

seifer0853269d ago

I guess. I'm excited for this game but the english theme song has me worried.

the_bebop3269d ago

This is exactly the reason why these days I only come to N4G which is to say not for posting my thoughts but just for the articles.

hintonmj3267d ago

When I heard all the complaints about the game, I was really hoping it was really how this guy says it is. I'm glad FFXIII is going to be a true experience. I was worried linearity meant there was going to be no depth. I don't think this is the case. I just hope there is something to explore at some point and not simply run around finding crystals so I can then run somewhere else and kill a monster, find new crystal, and repeat. There just better be more to it than that.

DocHoliday3267d ago

I expected fanboys to have overrun this comment section by now.