IGN : Brand New Zelda Wii Information

It's been known for some time now that you'll be using the Wii MotionPlus to directly swing your sword in the next Zelda game. Today, we heard something new. The peripheral may play a part in puzzle-solving, and more.

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Eamon3178d ago

Hmm, this is looking even more interesting now.

EvilTwin3178d ago

It's gonna be a long 4 months 'til E3.

iforgotmylogin3178d ago

am i the only 1 that wants zelda to wait for the next gen...

wii2 or w/e its called. i can wait for it but im so excited

Arnon3178d ago

The only thing I want, is for them to change their art direction. I think the whole reason why I found Majora's Mask to be my favorite Zelda game was because it had by far, the best art direction that I had seen in a game.

I kind of found Twilight Princess' art style to be very bland and basic. Nothing really felt special about the game.

ZoidsRaven3178d ago

Why do you want this Zelda title to wait next-gen?

iforgotmylogin3178d ago

the same reason why you dont want 4 halos in 1 gen

the next gen is going to need games too. honestly a zelda in 2010 on wii then a zelda in 2011 on wii2? too much zelda isnt a bad thing but part of the things that make the zelda franchise so loved is the way it comes out every so often. remember twilight princess was on gc and they pushed it to wii i hope they put it on wii2. just my feelings

ChickeyCantor3178d ago

TP was released in 2006 correct?
We are in 2010 now.
4 years have passed.

So what makes you think the next zelda will be released in 2011?

On top of that TP wasn't even a Wii build, it was a GCN port.

ZoidsRaven3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

Well you see, here is the thing about that.

1) We are not getting a Zelda title every one to two years (like Halo).
2) Who told you Nintendo is going to release a new console next year?
3) What makes you think we are going to get a new Zelda title in the same year Nintendo releases their new console?

Don't get me wrong. You have a good point, it's just not a good enough point to want a title pushed. 7_7

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fatstarr3177d ago

I kind of agree with him. Next Zelda can be a wii/ wii hd port. I dont know what Nintendo is doing in 2011 but a new Zelda on the next system would definitely be a system seller.

Also we have other M and Mario Galaxy 2... over saturation of good games can be a bad thing? Or I think that's the point he is trying to get at.