Aliens vs. Predator: Your Questions Answered

Chris Morell on Playstation Blog writes: "Last week we called for your questions (via Twitter) on SEGA's upcoming PS3 shooter Aliens vs. Predator. And as usual, you delivered some good ones, covering off on all areas off the game's single and multplayer modes, the special Hunter edition and more. Tim Jones from AvP developer Rebellion was on hand to field as I fired a list full of inquiries.

And literally as I'm typing this, we just received word that an AvP online multiplayer demo is hitting the PlayStation Store tomorrow! So at around the 6:00 mark in the video when Tim mentions the demo, add your own mental voiceover with Thursday, Feb. 4. The demo will feature Deathmatch mode in the Refinery map, and will allow all three species to battle it out online."

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Arkham3271d ago

I wish it was a single-player demo, but hell, I'll take what I can get. I really don't like this trend of multiplayer-only demos (I'm looking at you, Army of Two...).

jack_burt0n3271d ago

dont worry army of two sucked........

first ten mins marine sp campaign

ProperFunked3271d ago

audio quality on this video sux...mono?

can barely hear what the guy he's interviewing is saying....soooo much noise

*b*tch b*tch b*tch*