New Heavy Rain Screenshots

Check out the latest screenshots from Heavy Rain.

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nskinnear3206d ago

Yeah, the character models look incredible.

chidori6663206d ago

seriously.. thinking of buy this game after see this pics.

nskinnear3206d ago

I completely agree. The story is the main emphasis of the game, rather than killing zombies or something ;P

EDIT: @comment below me

Dellis3206d ago



just rent this and make it flop, so they will know gamers want gameplay

OGharryjoysticks3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

I don't want to shoot wave after wave of clone bad guys with the occasional higher level enemy mixed in to alter my strategy. I am looking forward to Heavy Rain more than any other game this year because from my understanding it's a meaningful story experience with multiple paths and endings.

If that doesn't sound cool to you then you can stick to Pac-Man and keep suckin balls.

pippoppow3206d ago

Sure, it's nice to play a great action game but I want variety. Variety is the reason for me the 90s were the best decade for gaming. I hope this game does well to embolden Devs to take more chances. Maybe there will be similar games made, old genres resurrected or new ones made. More variety that is of a high quality is always welcomed.