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Dante's Inferno takes a bold, visually impressive take on a literary classic and adds in an intriguing action focus to create a different kind of action title. Unfortunately, some derivative combat sequences and a shallow combo system prevent the title from becoming a truly great experience. The ending is obviously setting up a full-fledged series, but Dante's Inferno suffers from unoriginal gameplay features that action fans have seen before, which keeps it from making its true mark.

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ClownBelt3232d ago

IGN is pretty harsh. It's not like I disagree or anything though. lol

lociefer3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

the sad thing is, this game will be remembered as a warm up to god of war 3

Ghostsmoker3232d ago

The release is to close to God of War 3. And GOW3 will be much better but this game still has some quality.

A Cupcake for Gabe3232d ago

No they have been pretty brutal the last week or so. I am really wondering how hard they are going to crush down on Heavy Rain.

-Alpha3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

Guess it wasn't as AAA as I originally was lead to believe with the first few reviews.

It's not a bad game by any means-- what's with IGN being so hard all of a sudden? Both their MAG and WKC reviews has been lower than Gamespot's and it's usually the other way around.

By the way, wasn't this game supposed to have deeper gameplay than GoW in terms of combat and combos? If so, I wonder what will happen to GoW3.

@Doc Sony

Correct me If I'm wrong but the focus on GoW 3 has been on scale, graphics, story, but I haven't heard anything on changing the combo system.

Rikitatsu3232d ago

I wonder if IGN will say that in their GoW3 review as well, or maybe they will turn a blind eye.

3232d ago
Chris3993232d ago

So who knows?

Stop trolling and get back to your one-handed Bayonetta marathon.

Jamegohanssj53232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

IGN are being idiots now to be honest.


BlackAvenger73232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

I swear I felt the same way when I saw the score.. lol

And I hope all games that copy other games in a very obvious way don't get a higher score than 7.5

Ninji3232d ago

It's just what I would expect for a game like this. Oh well, at least God of War 3 comes out soon.

Aquanox3232d ago

It was underscored for not being original. Aka. being too similar to God of War.

If you won't play God of War, then I believe this is a good alternative.

Solidus187-SCMilk3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

It seemed to fit the score here.

The gameplay and weapons were a combo of God of War and NG, and the visuals/animations looked to be a xbox1 game in some places and better in others.

I could see them giving this game a worse score if it wasnt based on DI, which is its best part probably.

I may rent this someday as I dont plan on buying it regardless of the reviews.


yes, it seems the only hack n slash to get above a 9.0 from IGN is bayonetta.'s to hopping god of war 3 will get at least a 9.5. :)

FamilyGuy3232d ago

That doesn't make sense, based on the games source material there shouldn't be any sequels and the developers themselves recently said that there wouldn't be.

Optical_Matrix3232d ago

Nice stealth troll MGS The Bot Version...also Rikitatsu, please...grow up...I thought we had escaped your Bayonetta boner that was left stuck hard in GT Forums general gaming section. Obviously not.
Anyways...this game was a stupid clone through and through. I'll wait for the real Dante Inferno...God of War III.

LukaX233232d ago

It's sad that 360 fanboys actually tried comparing this to God of War...

heroicjanitor3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

IGN UK - "Sadly, aside from its excellent combat system, Dante’s Inferno misses the mark in almost every way."

IGN - "Unfortunately, some derivative combat sequences and a shallow combo system prevent the title from becoming a truly great experience."

first = good combat bad everything else
second = bad combat good everything else

PrimordialSoupBase3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

And how is this game any different than God of War? They are identically average.

Edit: Someone please tell me exactly what God of War does that this doesn't.

ABizzel13232d ago

To be honest this is lower than I expected (I expected a low 8), and I was one of the main people calling bashing it for being a God of War rip off, and I kind of feel bad now (but I still think it's a rip off). After watching the developer videos I got a better understanding of Dante's Inferno, and yes it's God of War, but the setting and the story had me intrigued.

I haven't played the entire game, but after watching gameplay videos, the developer diaries, and playing the demo I would rate it like this.

Presentation- 8
Graphics- 7
Sound- 8
Gameplay- 8.5 (the gameplay is good, but not as good as God of War)
Lasting Appeal- ?.?

Total- 8.1

baum3232d ago

Just like they did with Bayonetta by ignoring that it's DMC all over again except with a female protagonist. That's the media for you ;)

pangitkqb3232d ago

Good, but nothing genre defining.

LastDays3232d ago

IGN is far from harsh. IGN's reviews are almost entirely populist. They overrate or underrate games for the most part. Gamespot's reviews are more accurate.

randomwiz3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

"Edit: Someone please tell me exactly what God of War does that this doesn't. "
-better graphics, better sound, better platforming(puzzles), longer play time, better boss fights(playing the the boss fight in the DI demo just felt wrong), scale, better controls(the placement of what to click in DI is confusing), better overall feeling, better camera, kratos

your question is like saying tell me something that a Mercedes does that a Toyota doesn't.

UltraNova3232d ago

I'm having a hard time deciding which game I should buy, Dante's inferno or Darksiders..

Any thoughts guys?

RyuCloudStrife3232d ago

IGN also gave MAG a 7.0 too harsh lol

lovestospoodge3232d ago

"who the hell needs GOW 3 when I can just paly Dante's Inferno which ofc is so much better"

Later that night, as the 10 yr old xbox fanboy was asleep an hour after his bedtime at 8:30 pm, he heard a sound at his door


and so ends that chaos

EVILDEAD3603231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

We all saw it coming SOON as Dante's Inferno announced it's release date..

This is exactly the treatment they gave a certain title that went against 'Infamous'..

Dante's Inferno wasn't on ANYBODY's radar until we all played the demo and had an absolute blast.

We knew the comparison's to GOW3 would be there..but to completely ignore that it stayed true to an entirely different theme..plot..characters..etc is sad.

It's like ignoring Uncharted 2 didnt owe it's entire lifeline to Tomb Raider & Prince of Persia.

The best part is seeing the Video Review and NOTHING he shows on it is anything close to hacking THAT many points from it's final score. In fact, the game comes away still looking fun.

What we have is the game being based in hell..but the reviewer doesnt like the colors. The giant sickle is of course reminiscent of Kratos..but they added a whole slew of RPGish magical upgrade elements and the developer gets no love for it.

He calls it a button masher..but then criticizes the game for adding magic that keeps you from having to use the weapons so much to destroy enemies. LOL

I'm a HUGE fan of that God of War collection..but let's keep it can button mash through 3 quarters of the game until it's time to use QTE. (you do notice they are scared to mention QTE..because that's what they bashed Ninja Blade for using)

What is even more interesting is IGN all of a sudden taking a moral high ground to Dante because it's over the top with the 'mature' elements..mainly nudity and violence..

But, we all know the over the top violence that Kratos uses to DEMOLISH enemies is what we love about the GOW series. So they added the infamous sex mini-games because for what reason?

But, hey maybe IGN hit the nail on the head and it's a pure 7.5..but the over-the-top violence & mature themes..the graphics..the hell themed plot..and the super crazy huge bosses (which strangely they never even address in the review) are exactly what gamers want from the game in the first fact it's the whole point..

God of War collection..Bayonetta..Dante.. and ultimately GOW3..make for a fun year thus far..I'm still sold on the game..Hopefully the Super Bowl ad will boost interest in the game because the developer looked like they honestly put alot of heart into the project's subject matter..which is also strange that IGN goes out of it's way to throw an unneccesary spoiler in that the ending alludes to franchise aspirations..interesting indeed..

Will GOW 3 get the same treatment from IGN? We shall see..


The Happy Baby3231d ago

lol. i liked the demo, and i'll be picking this up on day one.
but IGN had some good points.

WLPowell3231d ago

You don't have a PS3 so why worry about how good GOW3 is going to be... and what's with all this "we all" business. I know when I played the DI demo, I was not amused, I was not entertained, and I thought idea of killing death with his own scythe was pants on head retarded. But you keep thinking everyone is a 360 fanboy that has no idea what he's talking about like yourself.

PS: I gave you bubbs cause you crack me up.

harrisk9543231d ago

"Beatrice will use any excuse to get her tits out, such as being killed, being dead or being sad that Dante condemned her by fondling someone else's tits (which we get to see too, obviously). In a couple of instances only one of her breasts is shown, which is presumably meant to make you think you're looking at art rather than an excuse to whack in another tit. To balance things out, there are a few enemies who sport huge thorny penises - but they're actually women, as you can tell by their massive tits."


bacon133231d ago

That's pretty much what I expected in terms of review scores for DI. I've become so desensitized by hack n' slash gods such as GoW and DMC that DI didn't do anything for me. I'll wait for the lull of summer and lower pricing before I pick this one up.

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BeaArthur3232d ago

I mean it's what you get with what is almost a total copy cat (in terms of gameplay, not story). A solid game but one that doesn't live up to the game it emulates.

Hakimy3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

Ign wasn't as harsh as Ign UK and usually it's the opposite but this review was expected.some didn't like it when I said that this game will get reviews from 7-8 with some being generous and will give it a 9.If you are the type of a guy who plays all kind of slash and hack games,then you will figure this score without sites telling you.anyway for the new comers in 2010 and based on scores,it's Bayonetta first,Darksiders second and Dante's Inferno last ;)

Edit: @BeaArthur everyone has his own taste in games and I respect that.I always said "if you didn't like a great game,it isn't because the game is just didn't match your taste" ;)

BeaArthur3232d ago

Hakimy...I think Bayonetta is more of an acquired taste. Pretty fun gameplay but I either disliked or was blah about everything else.

Lou Ferrigno3232d ago

yea i think IGN misses its old self back in 2007 so it must be reunion time lol.

OT: this game had incredibly sh!tty visuals,so the game should get less points.
pisses me off cuz dead space had the best multiplatform visuals i have ever seen to date imo.

A Cupcake for Gabe3232d ago

Best Visuals in Multiplat Game goes to Arkham Asylum IMO

Remdih3232d ago

I just got my copy yesterday and I can say it´s not truth. Yeah, from what I´ve played in the demo I was like eh, fluent but really not so good.. But after playing about 4 circles of hell I can say graphics are really nice, trust me.. a the game is unoriginal? so what, most of the games are just copies of the past, successful ones. I say (for me) that Dante´s Inferno is much better than Bayonetta. It is a bigger fun and overall it´s just more mature and provoking title. Conclusion is.. god bless this year (for all those great Hack´n´slash games!!)

-Alpha3232d ago

Funny, when IGN reviewed WKC you found them to be unreliable, but now that they gave a GoW-clone a good (but by no means great) score, they are fine?

AssassinHD3232d ago

The game releases in 6 days. You already got it?

Lou Ferrigno3232d ago

hey brosef were did i mention im fine with that score they gave Dantes inferno? .. i simply didnt agree with them once again like WKC and MAG.. eccept i think this game should be lower then a 7 since imo from my experience with the demo,it sucked ass in visuals and gameplay wasnt as great as GoW3's demo.

they are DEFINENTLY still unreliable and gay for their reviews no matter what so far.

Remdih3232d ago

Yes, I know a person from my local EA branch who was able to get me an early copy of Death Edition..

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mrv3213232d ago

Ah... the Negative being it's unoriginality? That's a real shame because 90% of new games are original. After playing this demo I found this game to be fun and a brilliant concept done well.

A Cupcake for Gabe3232d ago

Yeah, no originality for being a GOW clone, when Bayonetta is AAA for being a DMC game with boobs. Boobs=Originality confirmed.

Hakimy3232d ago

No,DI takes the formula of GOW,add nothing new to it and it does it worse.Bayonetta takes the ideas which made the original DMC a great hit,add some ideas to its own too and make them even better ;)

mrv3213232d ago

IGN find me another game in which you play a knight that goes into hell after killing death to get back his wife... and traversing the nine circles.

If you can I'll admit Dante's Inferno is unoriginal.

Pricey3232d ago

The theme is different(although they also went down the mythological beasts route), but obviously ign feel the mechanics aren't different and that they are executed poorly.

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Mista T3232d ago

this game is fun, oh wait...IGN doesn't really care as IGN runs the hype train