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THE MAX SPEED 213180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

I seen both video and written review and think that if they make a sequel and fix the battle system Issue the next WKC could really have great potential. I think that For an Online Jrpg that came out in 08 the graphics are good and the way you set your combos is a fresh idea. I cant really judge it Story wise because I havent played it but the main problem seem to be the tacky Battle system that looks alot like the one in FFXII(if you ever played it you'll know what i'm talking about)which wasnt that Great.

If you're a big Jrpg guy like me and dont really mind them getting low scores from Western reviewers , I would recommend that you rent the game 1st before buying it. that's what I did with SO4 and ended up buying it even though it got Soso reviews.

Jamegohanssj53180d ago

Wtf? I bet FF XIII one of the most liner RPG's will get a score it doesn't deserve. This is BS to be honest.


FamilyGuy3180d ago

Just because this one isn't as linear doesn't make it a good game.

My biggest disappointment with this review is that they mention the game ends on a cliffhanger. I absolutely hate to play a game, get to the ending and be given some opening to a sequel instead. That SUCKS!

I'm sure FF13 is better, way better than this and I don't get how any of you think otherwise.

menoyou3180d ago

And watch the same retards give FFXIII a 9/10 when it doesn't look any better than this, lmao.

jmare3180d ago

What the hell are you smoking? While FF XIII might be as linear as a piece of string, it definitely looks better than this.

THE MAX SPEED 213180d ago

Even if FFXIII is linear the game dont suffer dated graphics from 2008 and a broken gameplay ala FF12 .

Sarcasm3180d ago

I'm going to rent this game at least.

specialguest3180d ago

I thought we were supposed to get an improved version. This game as first glance seemed promising, but is actually broken. Hmm...what a shame.

Bigpappy3180d ago

The top game sites are not going to review a liner RPG any higher. Based on what was said in the Japanese reviews, if all I read is true, it could also end up in the 5/10 range. Just don't expect too much from FF13.

RememberThe3573180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

This is n't one of those reviews where you can't understand the score; he explained it perfectly.

He didn't have fun. That is not a great verdict...

Very disappointing indeed, but I'll probably rent it as well because you never know what can grab you in a game that a reviewer didn't notice or care about.

@specialguest: They delayed it because of technical issues in the Japanese version. These issues are mostly fundamental gamely and story issues, I don't believe they were working on that.

Saaking3180d ago

Wow, is it really that bad? I might have to rent it first.

Rush3180d ago

Seriously the only reason you guys are even bring FF13 into this thread is because it's no longer a PS3 exclusive. Give it a rest already FF10 was extremely liner its still one of the best Final Fantasy games in the series.

Seriously this game alone already dispels your silly myth, JRPG's on the 360 = crap.

There are 2 JRPG's on the PS3 released outside of Japan Cross Edge and this both boomed just as bad if not worse then any 360 JRPG. So stop being pathetic and hating on FF13 just because its on the 360. The PS3 version is still better it doesn't have compressed Audio and CG.

Am not saying White Knight Chronicles is a bad game, JRPG's are always underrated. If you enjoy them just buy the game but seriously can we drop the FF13 hate its getting old. The game will be no worse thanks to it being on the 360 aswell this review alone sort of proves that.

xTruthx3180d ago

I rlly dk whats wrong with this reviews but i bought the game 2day and im having a blast with my friends online. I dk about the story cus i Only finished the first chapter. But im having a lot of fun with my friends right now

FACTUAL evidence3180d ago

You can always buy it used...Yeah I'm not liking that enemy attack distance thing. What he pretty much explained is the same sh!t i hated in FFXII.

callahan093180d ago

I don't understand why the battle system is an "issue"? Final Fantasy XII had a very similar battle system where you only controlled 1 team member at a time and the rest were controlled by the computer that you issued tactics for (remember gambits?) and it was identical in that you could free-run, but it still played out like any other Final Fantasy game's battle system: you wait for your turn, then you attack, and some randomization factor determines whether it's a hit, then the enemy attacks and a randomization factor determines whether that's a hit. It didn't matter in that game whether the animation connected, the free-running wasn't there to turn it from turn-based into action-based, it was mostly just a presentational thing where instead of cycling through menus while your party members stand there, you had some more control over them while you waited for your turn meter to fill up. It's just the same in this game. I don't see why that's a problem. I think fighting in this game is perfectly fine and very fun due to the combo system.

seifer0853180d ago

hey man you're right but FF 13 has been disappointing in many ways.Only english voices, awful theme song (Leona Lewis). FF 12 had towns wtf? FF 10 had towns! No matter what this game feels gimped, is 360 to blame who knows?

Rush3180d ago

Actually Square-Enix the theme song ain't half bad when I first heard it I though what the hell this is going to be pathetic. And I have to admit I was wrong download the trailer of PSN it works really well.

Don't get me wrong I know its a ploy to bring the game to a wider audience. But that's not always a bad thing I would love the Final Fantasy series to become a megaton hitter like Call of Duty.

There have always been only english voices in the western versions of final fantasy games so that's also a none issue. Final Fantasy 13 does have towns not as many admittedly.

Nothing about it feels gimped unless you have been looking for it to be gimped all along. Final Fantasy 12 wasn't a great game and Final Fantasy 9 wasn't either. At least that's my opinion.

When I see it getting bad review's that ain't from Rabid PS3 Fanboys with half a brain cell, constantly referring to FF13versus simply because its exclusive. I will admit that it's not an amazing game but as of yet the only real review I have seen is 39/40.

Rush3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

Sorry to late to edit my earlier post but check this,

Leona Lewis's theme song works epically well. And it will bring Final anyway to a wider audience. It even gives you goosebumps its fairly epic if you ask me.

Its one of them idea Square-Enix had that sounds like Madness when you say it But works really well in practice.

kewlkat0073180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

I actually feel better about my "LOST ODYSSEY" purchase now...

Now you see why I hated how that game was reviewed, though it wasn't as negative, major points were taken out because of the old-school style. Even from the Final Fantasy creator himself.

Points would be added to this game because of the online(I hope) but whatever. Maybe it's not in the likes of the old-school JRPG or Level 5 we are used to.

Then again guys, it's the first damn game on a new steep learning curve of a platform(The PS3), so I guarantee you the next game will fare a lot better.

I've always said Square seem to set the Standard based on over the top Traditional JRPG but even if Final Fantasy XIII is looking decent, it seemed to have strayed away from what made the "Squaresoft" gems great.

seifer0853180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

That song is awful..... especially for final fantasy. With new tecnology it would have been great for the players to decide how to play the game (like STar Ocean 4 Int.)

Plus Wada talking Dlc already seems pretty obvious what their goal is.
FF 10 is probably the best in the series and FF 9 is the creator's favorite so I disagree w you there even though my fav is FF 8.

FFv13 looks awesome but they haven't shown gameplay! I would be happy if it stays exclusive so it can look like UC2 or GOW3 instead of another multiplat.

FF 13 had better graphics when 1st announced too just saying. Squennix haven't made a quality game this gen so I hope it comes out awesome Im just not sure it will. I downloaded the trailer and it blows damn song ruins it.

Rush3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

When they first announced it it was a target render they where never going to keep that quality. And seriously don't conform to every stereotype the game was almost complete before they started work on the 360 version.

The game in stunning and wouldn't look any better if it wasn't released on the 360. (like it possibly could anyway)

I showed a few people that video they all loved if but if you go in with the mindset of hating it it's most likely not going to change. But hey its your opinion I personally like the song.

What makes you think GOW3 looks so amazing, its been hyped the hell out of by this site. Don't be so naive as to jump on every hype train the runs through n4g. Sure kratos is stunning, but the environments won't be nearly as epic as Final Fantasy 13's.

Ermm and Square-Enix has made a quality game this gen its called final fantasy 7 crisis core. Also The Last Remnant was awful on the 360 due to hardware limitations. On the PC however its one of my all time favourite RPG's. They have also made plenty of megaton hand-held games.

seifer0853180d ago

Well KZ2 was a hell of a lot closer to their target render just saying. FF 7 Crisis core is an awesome game but I was talking about HD consoles. Last remnant I was anticipating and Squenix cancels the ps3 version cause they are incompetent I guess.

Well the song is my opinion I'm just not as hyped for the game as I would be with these BS decisions. Squenix have screwed over ps3 owners till now with Star ocean 4 and FF 13 so we'll see.

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Dark3603180d ago

DROIDS...White Knight Chronicles...Review 5.1

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...Sorry DROIDS Better Luck Next Time...LOL

blitz06233180d ago

Doesn't matter if it's a flop or not, as long as you enjoy the game you play. All you bots care about is a game that gets good reviews. Even if you don't enjoy it, you just come out here boasting that it's a GotY. In the end, it's just personal taste. Tell me, what is the story of Mass Effect 2? What? All you know is it has 96 on metacritic? Good riddance

Baba19063180d ago

omg no =( i had so high hopes in this. guess ill stay with star ocean than.

Julie3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

You have no idea how sad i am , but i preordered it long time ago and (can't trade it back) where i live a game is 200$ i only hope that those freezing and stuff don't happen to me , i only want to play and have fun , see you online on my town :(

EDIT: one thing keeps me happy and is the online stuff and georama system , they must be fun ... i hope :(

Myst3180d ago

Julie how in the world do you pay for a game if they cost that much o_o?

I don't know I'm still reserving judgments about these reviews, installing the game currently and going to play a bit before my last class then continue on with the rest afterwords. Personally I don't know about their reviews as of yet, as they did give Cross Edge a 3.5 and I ended up enjoying that game quite a bit.

Julie3180d ago

Nuri everything here is overpriced i paid like 750$ for my 80g ps3 :3 same for the 360 , i have to play the games till i get crazy then i sell them sadly :( well i don't sell every game i keep the really good ones :)

Saaking3180d ago

If you don't mind me asking, where do you live?

Julie3180d ago

I'll pm you that lol :p

Myst3180d ago

Julie, wow I would hate to be in your shoes at this time then. Sounds like it may be somewhere in Australia maybe :/? That or NZ perhaps are the only places that come to mind.

xTruthx3180d ago

Julie, have played the game for 6 hours and haven't had any freezing probs on the sorry or on the online. the game is fun, don't worry about this review.

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TooTall193180d ago

Level 5 should cut their losses make Dark Cloud 3 instead of WKC2.

FamilyGuy3180d ago

They SHOULD make a Dark Cloud 3 but they should not skip WKCs 2, especially since it's already in production and ESPECIALLY since the story of the first one has a open ending.

TapiocaMilkTea3180d ago

I wasn't impressed with the original dark cloud at all, I played it cuz there was no other RPGs to play around that time.