HD DVD shrugs off Blockbuster move

During a briefing with UK press in London yesterday, Ken Graffeo, executive vice president of High Definition Strategic Marketing for Universal Studios and co-president of the HD DVD Promotional Group, shrugged off Blockbuster's move to expand Blu-ray to 1450 new stores in America.

Graffeo pointed out that rental counted for less than one percent of its revenue and brushed it off as an insignificant event in the format war.

Ken cited the fact that HD DVD is still being offered in the original 250 stores and through Blockbuster's online rental service. He claims that those 250 stores are stores where there are large numbers of early adopters and the latter, he believes, is Blockbuster's major growth market.

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Odion4138d ago

OH SNAP Blue ray hasn't won yet

marinelife94138d ago

I'm sorry but he has made some ridiculous comments about HD-DVD he is worse than Baghdad Bob.

Universal will go multiplatform the day that Graffeo gets fired.

I'm assuming that he was the one who convinced the execs at Universal that this HD-DVD thing is a good idea (maybe Toshiba lined his pockets) and I'm betting that once the execs tire of misssing out on the revenue stream from Blu-ray he'll be getting a severance package.

bigmoney6174138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

we haven't heard anything from the HD-DVD camp, since the blockbuster fiasco.

Is blockbuster a big player as they once used to be? The thing is, I just don't rent movies, but I just don't hear much about them anymore, like mid-late 90's.

This Digital Age is really cutting into the businesses of many brick and mortar stores.

Anyhow I suspect blockbuster is keeping their online rental open because of the competition from Netflix.(that business is booming) They want all the rentals they can even if they don't support HD-DVD fully, then again why even keep it online?

Apocalypse Shadow4138d ago

just like they do at hollywood video.even if people have gone online to rent.not everyone has or are able to.

they may shrug it off,but when the competition is getting 1450 stores,but you're getting 250,that's pathetic if you ask me.and cutting their projections in half for the end of year sales of stand alone players doesn't help either.and not announcing any new hd-dvd movies for rest of the year doesn't bold well for hd-dvd.

if more companies are signing on exclusively for bluray,they should be worried.

THE_JUDGE4138d ago

at one of the highest grossing stores in the company and trust me when I say this will have an impact. Especially if the company brings in the movies to sell. They will sell and rent alot. As for the online aspect, and I know they will. B B's online has been growing fast and we are actually taking customers from Netflix as well as making new ones. I know you'd think that if someone has Netflix they wouldn't still rent at B B, they do and were taking them away. This would have had a bigger impact back in the day, but it will have one none the less.

Blankman4138d ago

1st blockbuster was near sighted now they dnt even matter anymore.

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The story is too old to be commented.