Dante's Inferno Review: 'More an act of homage than a game' (VGD)

VideoGamesDaily writes: "There's nothing broken about Dante's Inferno, and much that's enjoyable, but it's more an act of homage than a game in its own right. Like the shade of the Roman poet Virgil, the Ghost of Sparta keeps Visceral company throughout its underworld adventure, but unlike the former, Kratos casts a very long shadow."

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dirigiblebill3205d ago

I think it'll be interesting to see what the DLC packs can do for this.

no_more_trolling3205d ago

so true

nothing beats god of war
and i dont even have a ps3

THE MAX SPEED 213205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

the hype for this game was aiming way too high. Some said it was about to dethrone the GoW and DMC series. this game is far from what it was getting hyped up to be. Even when I played the demo I wasnt that impressed. I had much better fun playing Bayonetta.

FamilyGuy3205d ago

It would have a lot more ground to stand on. It looks nice but many times it seems to have PS2/Xbox graphics. The punish/absolve factor should make a bigger difference in the game as well but it's only used for attack upgrades.

dirigiblebill3205d ago

It just doesn't have the spark. More tits here than in GoW though ;)

Dtoxz3205d ago

Where the hell are the xbox fanboys now? They can comment on an article that talks good about this game but nothing here?! Thats because they know God of War will be a great game. Yet they still bash it....
"Oh but this games gonna be better than GoW3" -Shut up and take your controller out of your a$$. you all KNOW that God of War will be better. You're just mad that you can't get it because you bought a x360. You FAIL, NOT god of war.
For all you blind x360 fanboys that just sit there and bash the ps3 to piss people off: Go kill yourselves. The world would be better without you.

For all the TRUE 360 fans: Enjoy the wonderful library of games the system has.....and play DI, it will be a good game :)