Goozernation | Normandy Crash Site & Dog Tag Video Walkthrough

Not sure if you're interested in spilling the points for Mass Effect 2's DLC "Normandy Crash Site"? Well, here's a video showing you exactly what's involved and why you may want to pick it up during your journey with your Commander Shepard. Plus, this video will also help you locate and secure the hidden dog tags.

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JimmyJames703182d ago

I can't wait to play this game.

Letros3182d ago

Quite possibly this biggest waste of time, ever, Dragon Age launch DLC was actually fun...

Rockox3182d ago

Yup, this DLC was super dull. And we hardly need a video walkthrough for all the dog tags. The entire area is tiny.

JimmyJames703182d ago

Well, then I guess this is a good video for people to see what they're missing when they decide not to buy it.