TVG: Dante's Inferno Review

Despite its refusal to innovate, its blatant copying from the God of War rulebook, and its missed opportunities, Dante's Inferno is nonetheless a solid title. At the very least, it's an engaging prospect for Xbox loyalists who've never played a God of War game. However, with the likes of Darksiders and Bayonetta on the market (as well God of War III in your sights), Dante's Inferno is the weakest proposition of early-2010's hack 'n slashers.

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LordMarius3180d ago

God of War Collection > Dante

Fishy Fingers3180d ago

Your probably right, but given the choice I'd play DI just so I dont have to listen to Bayonetta's god awful soundtrack.

Pennywise3180d ago

fishy... Can one horrible song be considered a soundtrack? +Bubbles for you man... that crap was horrible!

darthv723180d ago

something about the level design just makes me want to play it. After reading about what you face as you progress it makes me want this game. I don't care if its like GoW. In fact I applaud the devs for using such a great franchise as the basis for this game.

What sets this apart is the backdrop of the crusades and loosely based divine comedy inferences. Greek mythology was never as fun before Kratos. The crusades and hell are being given similar treatment and I welcome Dante to be the guide.

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Ravage273180d ago

it's this "By our estimates, Inferno is roughly 95% God of War, 3% Prince of Persia trilogy, and 2% original thinking."

jalen2473180d ago

Yeah that was pretty harsh but probably true. Knowing GameTrailers they will probably kill it because of its lack of originality.

Ravage273180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

*wrong zone*

Colonel-Killzone3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

Well I guess This finally ends dante vs god of war lmao and god of war comes out on top