CVG: Dante's Inferno Review

That package will only get better when the Trials of St. Lucia download pack turns up on April 29, adding two-player co-op functionality and a customisable survival mode which lets players create custom waves of enemies and post their creations online.

God of War III's out in March (it's looking like the 19th, but confirmed for the 16th in US). But why wait until then - Dante's Inferno is out this Friday and it's awesome.

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THE MAX SPEED 213232d ago

I'll have to try the full product to give a real opinion on the game but based on the demo I dont think it deserves a 9/10 BUT this is solely based on my playthrough with the demo.

BlackAvenger73232d ago

I didn't feel that he was a badass in the demo..

FamilyGuy3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

They've boosted it's score based on future content that has yet to be priced.

The real question is if this game is worth $60 at the time of purchase, not if it will be by the time its DLC comes out.

ryuzu3232d ago

Although it is a PS3 version review and PS3 players already have GoW.... So what's it like on the 360? Same? Worse? Do the 360's graphics problems get in the way this time?

Strange that CvG never brought this up since they're not usually restrained when commenting on platform differences between 360 and PS3 (or even PS3 and PC)...


redsquad3232d ago

I found the demo played okay but the visuals, while adequate, were nothing special at all. The whole package came across as GOD OF WAR with a different skin on it.
I guess the latest instalment of Kratos' adventures will be getting and 11 out of 10 from CVG then...