Eurogamer: Dante's Inferno Review

Dante's Inferno is worth considering if you're a diehard hack-and-slasher fan who loves blood, gore, fire, brimstone, layered but simplistic combat systems and tits. This is more than one big lava level and it's not a terrible game. It's just not an original one, and it's arrived a little too late.

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THE MAX SPEED 213177d ago

and they wanted this game to dethrone the likes of DMC and Gow. lawlz

lociefer3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

i hope u guyz enjoy it while we play gow 3 ;-)

THE MAX SPEED 213177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

I like how you say You "guys" as you and most people here qualify me as a guy who hates the ps3 and dont play it's games.

I said it many times in the past my older brother owns a ps3 and so does my cousin and I play on it all the time and it's a console I really enjoy for it's strength and diversity in the games.

I never hide it I dont like most of the PS3 fanboys here on n4g but I dont have a problem against Sony and the ps3. IF there's a xbox game I dislike I'll tell my opinion aswell and if a xbox exclusive sucks I dont do the hypocrite stuff I tell it and even get disagrees from people you might qualify as my partners since you said "You guys". I'm not a halo guy and I never hid it. 2009 was a really poor year in terms of exclusives on the xbox and I never said the opposite. I'm a cool guy I just say what goes through my head and since this site's main population are ps3 owners they dont agree with some of my comments when it regards ps3 games.

I own a PSP , ps2 , psone and probably will get a PS3 of my own soon.

Hakimy3177d ago

I said it before that this game will get reviews from 7 to 8.didn't expect a 6 to be lets wait for the other big sites as well.though I can see the disappointment already ;)

AntoineDcoolette3177d ago

Personally from what I've seen in previews and experienced from the demo I dig the atmosphere and gameplay. I'll only be renting this before getting GoW3 simply because I'm out of funds.

darthv723177d ago

I understand there will be a psp version. I havent heard if there will be any tie in if you got both psp and ps3. Even though both may be the same game there are some times where there will be extra stuff unlocked for one or the other by way of hook up.

My psp has been depressed without anything new since Chains and I will definately be getting Inferno for that. Still on the fence on ps3 or 360. If it is confirmed that there will be content between the two (psp/ps3) then ps3 will get the nod otherwise my 360 needs some hack and slash love.

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GabeTheFatPrincess3177d ago

I guess I'll wait for God Of War III

jalen2473177d ago

Why wait when you can have an appetizer before the main course?...

Dutch Boogie3177d ago

flop next. I'll just wait for GOW3, the real next gen hack & slash. Enjoy this clone bots.

harrisk9543176d ago

"Beatrice will use any excuse to get her tits out, such as being killed, being dead or being sad that Dante condemned her by fondling someone else's tits (which we get to see too, obviously). In a couple of instances only one of her breasts is shown, which is presumably meant to make you think you're looking at art rather than an excuse to whack in another tit. To balance things out, there are a few enemies who sport huge thorny penises - but they're actually women, as you can tell by their massive tits."