2K: Gamers Getting 'Hungry For Variety'

CC: BioShock 2 certainly brings a different scenario to your modern combat first person shooter your stuck to every night after school or work. And 2K Marin's Ken Levine believes that gamers will like it for that reason. Because it's different.

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Logiistics3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

He's right, there are so many games these days that are only Differentiated by the somewhat weak story.

We need more brilliantly thought out original games like Bioshock!

mjolliffe3183d ago

New IP's instead of Final Fantasy after Final Fantasy after Final Fantasy please Square Enix!

2K know what they're talking about and know when to take a break from a series, and bring a new IP out.

Valay3183d ago

I like variety and I like trying different types of games and gameplay types.

movements3183d ago

That's the attitude all devs should have!

-Alpha3183d ago

Making a shooter or developing on the Wii.

Also, though I do agree with the title, there HAS been a lot of variety. LBP is a PRIME example of a game that offers something boldly different, The Last Guardian will be gold, and games like Portal, Bioshock, and Demon's Souls are terrific games that are varied.

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The story is too old to be commented.