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Remember When Hidden Meant... Hidden?

DualShockers writes "It was about 15 years ago. I'm playing this new game my cousin had borrowed from a friend. He came over my house and we were all playing it my house. Mortal Kombat for Super Nintendo, heard of it? I was a little too young to know exactly what was going on. I'm sure they let me button mash for a while, but mostly I was the spectator. As they were playing I remember seeing my cousin pulling out a piece of paper. It was crumbled, but there were a bunch of scribbles and stuff. Now looking back I know those were fatalities passed on by most likely a friend."

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Ninferno3207d ago

imagine Snake was hidden too?

Christopher3205d ago

Technically he's not happy about there being hidden elements, but about finding those hidden elements. In this day in age of instant information online, hidden elements are revealed too easily to all who seek it that making it a mainstay of general games really isn't much of an accomplishment as it is a hassle.

Ninferno3207d ago

i has affected me alot... unlocking Seth took forever.

iiprotocolii3207d ago

I think that was one of the things that made games great back in the day, and a bit more challenging. Unlocking them was a job on its own, and when you did it felt like you truly accomplished something. Nowadays, things have gotten much simpler to satisfy the casual gamers. It doesn't take as much effort anymore to unlock anything and it doesn't give you the same feeling of adrenaline rush when you do.


I thought obtaining the cheats in goldeneye was one of THE most satisfying things I've ever done in a game. They were trophies on their own, really.

iiprotocolii3207d ago

Heh. How about Mortal Kombat to get Smoke or Reptile? The dude had to pop his head out, say "whoopsies!" while you were in combat before pressing anything so you can enter the hidden stage(s).

Ninferno3207d ago

i remember staring at people at a video store ultimate mortal kombat 3 machine and people would transform into human smoke... awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.