FlatOut Ultimate Carnage trailer

Flatout Ultimate Carnage will be released tomorrow, and just to remind us of this Bugbear released this new trailer of the game. And it's a quite nice one at that.

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MK_Red4137d ago

Graphics are really improved but is it really the same as Flatout2? Also, is it 360 only or like other Flatout games will it eventually make it to PC and PS2/PS3?

deadpreacher4137d ago

I know it went Gold for the UK and comes out tomorrow. Yet i'm in the states and nether EBgames or Gamecrazy stores here don't even have a release date in there computers.

I asked this before and noone seems to have the answer or even any kind of proof on a release date for the states. Maybe second times a charm. Anyone know or can kind of prove a release date for the states???