The Sad State of the Hardcore Wii

Despite the overwhelming success of the Wii on a market level, there is a sad reality here which is just beginning to hit the critical fan. A quick glance at the top metacritic scores for the Wii's fledgling library begins to tell the tale. Read through some of the poor reviews from hardcore gamer sites like Gamespot or IGN, and you'll find control schemes to be the most faulted item.

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unsunghero284190d ago

So basically this guy loved tilting and hated IR and accelerometer?

Well, for one thing that IR twitchiness doesn't seem to affect most people as much as it does him. Personally i find the infrared to be MY favorite part of the Wii-mote- the closest thing on a console to a mouse. Still, it's his own experience, and I can't blame him for that. But maybe he should try playing around with sensitivity in options...

As for the accelerometer- yeah, I went through the same thing when playing Wii Sports (putting in Golf is a nightmare...) but in WarioWare I found that the accelerometer worked perfectly.

So, yeah... I think that Nintendo has shown that it's possible to do motion quite well with the hardware, but the pressure is on developers to create the first Wii game that really GETS the motion sensing.

MetalProxy4190d ago

Its to bad software for the thing is a joke. Of all things they DO need to fix that twitchy crap that happens.

codeazrael4190d ago

The downfall of the wii is going to be third parties improper execution of the wiimote You can already tell by some games now coming out for the wii that the very feature that Nintendo is betting it all on, the motion sensing nunchuk controller, the lack of diverse gameplay with this controller will in fact slow sales of third party titles as only first party titles IMO will use the wiimote at or near its full potential. And when more and more third party games start to use the snes controller style of gameplay instead of spending time finding more ways to use the nunchuk features, paying $50 to play what is essentially a gamecube title, even the same way you would've played a gamecube title controller wise, then this will hamper third party sales, and thus dry up third party support of the wii. And then it will be all on Nintendo's first party's shoulders to produce games that will keep people interested in buying a wii. But even though the wii enjoyed a diverse array of launch titles, the game releases have already slowed, and with games as basic as the ones that are released on the wii, development times are greatly reduced, so really you would expect to see alot of games, but the even bigger problem is now that zelda has released, and metroid and mario soon to follow, what do you have left to look for once these heavy hitters have all come and gone. Anybody that has owned a nintendo system knows that mario, zelda, and metroid games have years between sequels, and if third party support goes, then you have the same problem the gamecube as well as the N64 had. And if this scenario plays out, after this year, the wii will be dead in the water. Nintendo 8-bit (my all time favorite system) was the only system by Nintendo to release several ACTUAL Mario games on the same console as well as many spinoffs, as well as multiple zeldas and metroids. So if the Wii can't produce multiple sequels in its console life, then with no third party support or rather improper execution of gameplay functionality with the wiimote thus failing sales leading to less third party support, then I don't see the wii making it past this NOVELTY phase.

Marceles4190d ago

I agree..I'm glad I bought a Wii, but I think soon it's going to turn into one of those regular plug n' play systems you buy at toys r' us and loaded with alot of first party repetitive games and sequels.

MetalProxy4190d ago

What you said is pretty much a reality check for Nintendo. There is only so much Mario, Link, and Samus can do for a system.

Amplifier4190d ago

I am also scared that 3rd parties will dilute the market with half-arsed titles that get reproduce like rabbits.

Here's to hoping that Nintendo doesn't expand the market to the extreme that it starts effecting us gamers that like full-fledged games.


ItsDubC4190d ago

but I don't think you can accurately judge the future 3rd-party support of a system that hasn't even been out for a year yet.

Current 3rd-party titles such as Rayman Raving Rabbids, Super Monkey Ball, and RE4 make great use of the Wiimote's strengths, while Red Steel, Cooking Mama, and SC:DA are subpar control-wise. There are also some 3rd-party games on the horizon that supposedly make heavy use of the Wiimote's motion/IR capabilities - No More Heroes, Manhunt 2, Madden 08, Harry Potter, etc.

Existing development companies such as EA and Ubisoft are already restructuring to support Wii and DS game development, and new development studios such as Jet Black have formed to develop games targetted at the Wii and DS.

So I think it's too early to make a solid prediction as to how 3rd-party Wii support will play out.

wii on your face4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

The wii has only been out for six months, let's wait and see what happens. We are still experiencing the rushed to market games after initial wii success, I think we will see better stuff in the near future.

On another note, I'm not disappointed about what has been coming already. I mean if I was one of those play all day, everyday guys I might be, but there is some quality stuff! I just happen to think it will get even better with the next cycle, as developers are getting a bit more comfortable with the process.

We have to remember, there has been an upheaval of sorts in the way games are being made for wii, and while it is ideal for companies to be able to turn on a dime, it might take a minute for them to get used to the whole idea. Let's not speak too soon.

@codeazrael - dude, if you title a piece with (ONLY EDUCATED PEOPLE THOUGH) it's a good idea to lay off the comma ridden run on sentences. It makes you look UNeducated and it's difficult to read. Just a suggestion.

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MK_Red4190d ago

When finally a good 3rd party game like Manhunt2 is coming for Wii, they ban it. I cant imagine how fun and coll Manhunt on Wii would have been. So much for my dreams...

unsunghero284190d ago

I doubt Rockstar will just can the game and waste all of the money they've spent just because of an AO rating. They'll probably wind up toning it down a bit and releasing it with an M.

codeazrael4190d ago

And this is where having a killer first party is key, but a console shall not live by first party alone, but also by every reputable third party supporter. I truly wish I seen a brighter future for the Wii, but mark these words and even save them. Next year the Wii will fail. I guarantee it. Now, it will still be for sale, and you are thinking that I'm crazy for predicting the sharp decline so soon, but with Zelda gone, metroid and mario soon to be here and a little later gone, what can you honestly tell me that there is to look forward to NEXT holiday season. Mario won't be there. He' going on vacation as far as an actual mario platform game. Metroid will have come and gone. So, all you will have are multiplatform games, well some with wii specific differences, but without marios, samuses, and zeldas.........or manhunts, for those who like that, if the big game they promote next holiday season is wii sports 2 and final fantasy crystal chronicles.......then the rise of the wii, just like the tide of the ocean, will eventually diminish

unsunghero284190d ago

I think it's way too early to make a call like that. What you seem to forget about the N64 and GameCube is that very few people bought them, and THAT is the reason that there are so few 3rd party games: because no one thought they could turn a profit out of the systems.

Every game developer who has touched the Wii so far has been blessed with riches, so I actually expect that we'll see tons of third-party games come out and tons of people buying the system because of that- hence, the cycle continues.

wii on your face4190d ago

Dude, what about Animal Crossing! I am willing to bet that will move a few units. Not to mention maybe a new pikmin, which rocked. Hows about another chibi robo? I would like to see that. I'm also pretty sure Nintendo has some new stuff that we don't know about coming out as well. These are all games I would consider as appealing to 'hardcore' types.

As far as 3rd party, No More Heroes looks pretty cool, and I would love to see Sadness, though I'm not holding my breath as of yet. Mushroom Men or whatever, and even that Capucine (I think it's called) looks cool. My point is, things are on the way. Patience.

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