Explicit Gamer: No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Review

No More Heroes 2 is greatly improved over the first game. The graphics are improved (much greater detail), the overworld has been completely reworked (now you can just choose where you want to go, instead of having to drive there), and the enemy AI is improved (enemies will now gang up on you and even grab you so that the other guys can get free shots). Also, the sidejobs are now rendered in glorious 8-bit (self explanatory); Travis can now choose which Beam Katana he wants to use on the fly; the game environments are now destructible; and Henry and Shinobu from the first game are now playable characters (although you can't choose when you want to use them). Lastly, no longer do you have to pay to get into rankings fights: if you want you can just jump in and go.

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