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ubiquitious3276d ago

Predator is like the Xbox 360. There may be more Aliens...but the Predator just kicks so much ass.

snowb4203276d ago

Except the main predator dies in the end of all the movies it's involved in.

ubiquitious3276d ago

And Predators slaughter the aliens.

I guess that means the Wii will come out on top.

Johandevries3276d ago

Too bad the Marine (PC) has all the weapons to kick you monsters back to Iran.

Pennywise3276d ago

Doesn't the predator self destruct? I guess you are right.

Timesplitter143276d ago

PC = Alien (true bros)
PS3 = Predator
X360 = Humans

in my mind, this makes sense.

SolidAhmed3276d ago

i will download it

right away

Zeal0t3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

LOL @ Penny

Anyway can't wait for the game, i have high hopes for it!

Nikuma3276d ago

Can't wait for this game. Day 1.

The Happy Baby3276d ago

But maybe this one will be different. :)

Mr_Bun3276d ago

I agree with ubiquitious.
The Preditor is like the 360 and as Arnold would say:

"You're one ugly motherf*****"

ThanatosDMC3276d ago

I hope it doesnt disappoint us fans of AVP2. Marines better still have my flamethrower the best anti predator/alien. It doesnt hurt much but there's practically nothing you can do to stop the flames before burning to death.

jack_burt0n3276d ago


yeah that makes sense, but the alien was tough to control in 99 with KB+M that was truely hardcore dropping from the ceiling to take out a bunch of marines, I wanna try it with a dualshock.

creatchee3276d ago

Oh I am PRAYING that you can go upside down and drop from the ceiling as Alien. Heck - even have your spit drip onto the screen of whoever's playing as the marines as a warning. That would be beast!

ThanatosDMC3276d ago

Do you remember how the Pred's shoulder cannon blow a huge hole through the guy but when he shot the Governator it barely scratched him.

goflyakite3276d ago

Hopefully it's multiplayer and hopefully it's good.

K-Gamer3276d ago

whoever wins, Wii lose

IrishAssa3276d ago go here for a sh*tload of info on it, there is a flamethrower by the way, speargun is gone, instead you can throw the spear, disk is back, time bombs too, smartgun and shotgun are back look at the control schemes and weapons on that site

Obama3276d ago

"Doesn't the predator self destruct? I guess you are right. "

lol bubbles to you for making me laugh.

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The Meerkat3276d ago

'boot bloody time!

I love that there is a button for making the alien hiss.

ElementX3276d ago

I hope they didn't screw this up!

mrbillybadass3276d ago

its sooooooo much better than u ever thought possible...deatmatch only though...kinda sucks

ThanatosDMC3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

From the reviews i read, the one hit kill grab moves are still in effect in multiplayer which is pretty much a bad idea for preds/alien since it'll leave them wide open for Marine Snipers.

@ hoops

Yup, it would have been great if they even did only that. But i really hope AVP3 will be an improvement to something so awesome. I just hope we dont automatically do the grab move thing when we sneak kill a person. In AVP2 a spear "headshot" is an instant kill against Marines/Aliens and Alien swipes vs a Marines head is instant kill or two swipes on a Marines leg is death... three for a pred.

I hope they still let Aliens evolve into a Queen B*tch after a few kills and Marines/Corporates with the mech.

hoops3276d ago

All they have to do is make it exactly like AVP2 with better graphics and physics and a few more multiplayer options. Done deal

IrishAssa3276d ago

You hve to hold, X on 360 and O on Ps3 to do the stealth kill, just use the shoulder buttons for Heavy/light attacks

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Madis0073276d ago

Why DM?
Why not other mode?
Other mode would be more fun :D

DecoyOctopus3276d ago

awesome.. gonna try it on all three platforms :P

Karsghul3276d ago

You either have fast internet speed or a lot of time on your hands...or both!

OpenGL3276d ago

I'll be downloading all three versions as well. Clearly the PC version will look the best, but I'm curious as to how the console versions will turn out.

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