Top 10 Games to Make You Dumb

Now, of course, GameDaily doesn't usually subject itself to agreeing with the likes of any given politician type or the anti-gamer Jack Thompson, but let's face it -- some games make you stupid. With that, they kept there list short and simple just in case you've already played.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii4138d ago

Games that should be on that list are

Final Fantasy all of em
Any Batman game
Hunting games
Gundam games
Brute Force
The latest TMNT
Zelda all of em
Any Medal of Honor game after the Breakthrough expansion pack
San Andreas

PS360WII4138d ago

agreed with hunting and brute force but your horribly wrong on the others

sumfood4u4138d ago

Get off thoes Marshmallow 4~leaf clovers! Horrible List try again or don't try at all!

Mr Murda4138d ago

Top 1 internet article that makes you dumb!

MK_Red4138d ago

WTH! Myst is one of the best and most famous adventure games of all time and they put it in the list!?
Also to Jason xg1, Manhunt and GTA:SA are NOT dumb games.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4138d ago

The people who play them arn't dumb, the devs who make em arn't dumb but IMO I realy think these games are dumb. I'm sure If I were to post my fav games many would find them as dumb as the ones I mentioned :-) please don't take my bubbles because of choice of games take em for the Sh!t I talk about the PS3.

InMyOpinion4138d ago

This is about taste and not intelligence.