15 easy tips to make Windows boot up faster

So the Sony Vaio Z can boot up faster than a speeding photon. Well, bully for those people who are happy to shell out 2,000 odd pounds for a laptop and a further 2,000 even ones too. The rest of us may not be able to fire up the old Microsoft Windows at quite that same 15 seconds straight out of the box but with a little careful tinkering and some vigilant maintenance you can give those Vaio flash Harry's a run for their money. Here's how:

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Letros3231d ago

1. Install a solid state hard disk.

Letros3231d ago

Then I'd need a list on how to play the newest games, and how to upgrade my hardware without buying a new Mac. Oh right, you can't make that list.

whoelse3231d ago

best to wait for prices to drop before considering one.

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Rixynator3231d ago

16. Get a Mac and don't worry of the junk when you surf the net.

KILLERAPP3231d ago

That is hilarious, I would imagine some one actually doing all that stuff in the list and then say screw this I just get a mac and problem, solve, sad…

Rixynator3231d ago

well that applies only if you got a PC so too bad. beside every industrial level people should know what to work on. definitely hats off for gaming but upgrade to Windows 7? that's way sad. how long did Vista last?

Letros3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

Yea the programs I use for powder x-ray diffraction analysis do not run Mac, nor do the SEM and TEM operate on Mac, save the industrial crap. I can go through life and not have to be forced to operate on an OS I am unfamiliar with, Mac users can't say the same, even my sister in graphic design who LOVES her mac, has to work on windows from time to time because the rest of the world uses it.

KruLLit3231d ago

Wait 10 years. It will be even or maybe changed roles.

Rixynator3230d ago

I hope your Sis runs her Windows via her Mac cause buying a PC is a total waste of money. I'm sure every Mac user is familiar with Windows but it may not be the other way. PC users are not forced to use Mac they are just lazy to learn on how easy it is to use a Mac. How many get a PC ad are there? None.

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digger183231d ago

Install Ubuntu instead =P

Naso3231d ago

I was actually thinking of doing that, but how would a windows user change to that, like. Get used to all the changes? know any pros and cons off the top of your head?