Transformers: The disappointing truth

GamesRadar writes: "We need to talk. We loved Lego Star Wars, of course we did, and there's no doubt that we're going to adore Lego Batman. But we need to talk about Transformers: The Game. We've tried, honest we have. We've tried to love it, to be excited by it, to relive all those fantastic childhood memories. But it just isn't working. It's not you, it's us."

So here's five reasons why they just can't bring themselves to go wild with excitement for Transformers: The Game...

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deepio4190d ago

Sounds like another Movie-to-Game blunder. I never had high hopes for this one anyway...

ItsDubC4190d ago

Seriously, was anyone on this site actually eagerly anticipating this game?

Firewire4190d ago

pretty much expected another movie-game flop.

shysun4190d ago

I think Atari made the last Transformers game,That game was actually really good.I guess you guys should try that one out if you haven't played it yet.

texism4190d ago

Yeah, it WASN'T a movie based game. That's why it was good.

sumfood4u4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

Than Maybe I do mean Maybe with the Old'School Look than Transformers could get it's just Deserts! I know even as an Adult now. I'd have more fun playing with the Original Transformers Toys, than this game. Funny & yet Sad!

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