Nintendo's Wii Is the Best Product Ever

PC Magazine's Lance Ulanoff writes: "Nintendo's Wii gaming console, not yet one year old, could be the best consumer electronics product-ever. In contrast, the Sony PlayStation 3 is shaping up as one of the industry's biggest flops.

Rarely have I seen such extremes in product development and delivery. Nintendo, in my estimation, did everything right. Sony, on the other hand, managed to screw up a decent product in every imaginable way.

I consider myself a Nintendo Wii convert. When I first read Jim Louderback's hands-on review, I was skeptical of the motion-sensitive controllers (the remote and nunchuck) and the wand that you had to place in front or on top of your TV screen. What's more, its graphics sounded awful. How would the Wii compete in a world where, if you're playing NBA 07 on, say a PS2, you could count the sweat droplets on Dwyane Wade's virtual face?

Then the Wii arrived in PC Magazine Labs, and I, along with much of the staff, started playing some of the Wii Sports games bundled with the console. I tried bowling, tennis, boxing, and baseball, and each time, I was surprised by how caught up I got in the whole experience. When it came time to buy a birthday gift for my daughter (one that she'd share with the whole family), the choice was obvious.

To understand why the Wii is outselling the PS3 (and the Microsoft Xbox 360), we need to break down Nintendo's game plan. And, for contrast, we'll examine what Sony did (or should I say didn't do) with the PS3."

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thisisim4138d ago

This is a refreshing read that uses more to rate next-gen consoles than horsepower and "hardcore" games. I agree with the assessment on why Nintendo is doing well and Sony is having difficulty.

ItsDubC4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

I like my Wii and all, but to rank it amongst the best consumer electronics products EVER seems a little bold and exaggerated. While this is the intent of the author, many will not catch on to it and simply think this author is crazy or wrong.

PS360WII4138d ago

How many posts are we gonna get about how it's not next-gen now and that it's just a duct taped GC...