Ninety-Nine Nights II New scans

-- Players enter a world of darkness, a world in which war has been waged for close to 99 days, and it is players' goal to get rid of the darkness. In this fantasy-action game, players control five warriors who use their weapons and magic to battle the armies of darkness and kill the Lord of Darkness.

• Massive Battles - Staying true to its predecessor, NNN II will pit players against hundreds of enemies on screen for some of the most prolific 'Hack & Slash¿ gameplay to date

• Dramatic Visual Upgrade - Improved overall graphical presentation featuring more enemies on screen, hyper motion-blur effects, over-the-top destruction (Orb Attack), and uncompromised levels of violence including a blood camera system

• Customize the Action - Play thru the campaign with various characters each with customizable weaponry/ accesories resulting in enhanced combo attacks and attributes to progressively change the battle against your enemies

• Online Co-Op Multiplayer - Play with a friend in fully supported online Co-Op mode up to 2 players via Xbox Live

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THE MAX SPEED 213232d ago

Looks better than the 1st. Lets hope they make the overall game better because I'm really not a fan of those Musou/dynasty warrior type of game because the gameplay is boring and repetitive.

WIIIS13232d ago

They've taken their time to release the sequel, so I'm hopeful it will be a much better game. First one was already better than the Dynasty Warriors in any case.