Interview: Forza Motorsport's Dan Greenawalt

VG247: By far the most significant racing release of 2009 was Turn 10's Forza Motorsport 3. Thanks to both the studio's delivery of a superb package and GT5's belligerent absence, the 360 sim has become an immediate essential in the genre, racking up 13 million hours of Live play it just over three months.

We were lucky enough to grab some time with the game's director, Dan Greenawalt, on the title itself, the IP's future, Gran Turismo 5 and plenty more.

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WIIIS13180d ago

"As a racing gamer, I’ve been a long-time fan of the GT series. At this point, after so many missed releases, it’s nearly impossible to say what GT5 will be or when it will ship. Based on the all the preview versions over the last several years, it looks like it will be a good racing game."

The burning question is whether the no-show game will, when it finally releases, be "almost as good as"!

THC CELL3180d ago

turn 10 are scared of GT5... they might as well pack up on racing games for 360 and make some fps

By the way GT5 is not GOOD its EPIC. its the only race sim people will enjoy.

GT5P even stamps forza 3 in gfx department
GT5 time trial Well i have no say for forza cause when i see GT5 time trial i laugh at forza * runs out laughing still *

THC CELL3180d ago

turn 10 can say what they want
GT5 will rip forza

also they are bragging about
13 million hours
GT series have sold 60 million games brag now
GT5 will just own ya online stats also

green3180d ago

It would have mattered it GT5 dropped fall last year but it did not.The game could have been released last year because they said it could drop at anytime but they pushed it to spring, now it might not see the light of day until fall 2010.A full year after the release of Forza 3.So it has to be better because polyphony digital have had enough time to size up the competition to make improvements.

Also, what about if Forza 4 drops fall 2011?It would be expected that it will be better than GT5, so which version of Forza will you compare Gt5 with?

Forza 3 has been released to commercial and critical reviews.Won a few awards for best racing title last year so Turn10 are extremelly happy.They have already moved on to their next project.