Joystiq interviews the "Good Versus Wiivil" creators

Jack Paccione Jr. is one happy guy. Of course, he did just get sent to the Top of the Rock in New York City to show off his short film to the influential members of the Tribeca Film Festival community. Having an extra $10,000 in his pocket certainly must feel nice as well. How did he get there? He won Nintendo's short film competition, Shortcuts, with his film "Good Versus Wiivil."

The film turned a happy-go-lucky Carvel employee into a human mannequin controlled by a Wii Remote. But, what would happen when an evil Wii Remote (the titular "Wiivil") interfered? The incredible concept was backed by fantastic production values, and great performances. had a chance to talk to Jack Paccione Jr., Jerry White, and Robert McCormack from Escape Goat Pictures to hear more about the production of the winning short film.

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