The Chinese Mobile Gaming Potential Seen by Ozura

China has registered a massive growth in the number of subscribers over the last few years. This has made it one of the most tempting markets for mobile telecommunication expansion. Ozura has managed to break it through with the help of several partnerships.

Predictions reveal that China has high chances of adding 160 million more subscribers to more than 400 million, which stands for current times. This is meant to happen over the next four years, as part of a general tendency of growth.

"China is a different market. To commit yourself into this huge market despite the influx of mobile game developers and publishers, you really have to stand out from the others - either your titles are branded or your games are so unique that no one has ever done it before. Otherwise your existence in this lucrative market will be insignificant," said HE Mah, Ozura Mobile's Chief Marketing Officer.

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