PS3 Motion Controller Games: The Current Official List

Sony's new (still nameless) motion controllers will be out sometime in 2010. There are already an impressive number of games announced that will use the new motion controllers...

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THE MAX SPEED 213231d ago

The potential of "Arc" is wide. Based on the E3 demonstration and the PS3 core tech all I see is great potential ahead.

And Ape Escape X montion control = Win in my book.

Jaces3231d ago

Please please no shovelware!

Kushan3231d ago

The POTENTIAL of both "Arc"/"GEM" ; and Natal is quite substantial, but so was the POTENTIAL of the Wii and look at how that turned out - about 100 pathetic games for every 1 decent game and even then, most good Wii titles are nothing special, with just a few real excellent titles worth playing.
I'm sitting firmly on the fence when it comes to this motion controller stuff, but I'll say this much - I've yet to see one truly compelling omgmusthaveondayofrelease looking title from either camp.

THE MAX SPEED 213231d ago

true but the wii has an outdated hardware(gamecube 0.5) unlike the ps3.

darkmurder3231d ago

Ape Escape, Motion Party, The Shoot, Sing and Draw. Smells like shovelware to me, hopefully this and Natal can fail asap so we can go ahead in gaming not behind.

Guido3231d ago

1) Resident Evil 5: Alternate Edition:
Features new content with the ability to aim your weapons with the motion controller.

2) Ape Escape

3) Motion Party

4) Sing and Draw

5) Echochrome

6) Champions of Time

7) Mr. Pain

8) Under Siege

9) Tower

10) The Shoot

11) Eccentric Slider

I'd play through RE5 to see how it works with motion controls. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

rambi803231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

Shovelware is needed for any console to have broad appeal.

You cannot simply cater to the "Hardcore" demographic - males 14 - 35.
You need stuff for kids + families.

At $600 you cater to the hardcore - but as the ps3 price drops - the shovelware will come as the other demographics will be targeted.

I just hope some platformers come - i'm tired of playing them on psp

marinelife93231d ago

They need a robin hood game so I can do some archery and sword fighting.

sikbeta3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )


HEY!!! Ape Escape is far for being Shovelware lol


Add to that List an Amazing Game:


I don't like the idea of motion-c on my Beast3, but LBP is LBP...Damn IT!

Gamers FTW!!!

SilentNegotiator3231d ago

Pleeease give us a definitive motion Sword game, plz plz PLZ!

Blaze9293231d ago

and Resident Evil 5: Alternate Edition is the only game I care about on there.

Bigpappy3231d ago

This would not work. Those demo's they showed for LBP and RE5 will not sell in a final version. They need an analog input. I know some of you are going to say that MS is doing the same thing with Natal. Before you go there, know that with Natal, there is nothing in your hand, so you can easily use both hands for the controller the way it was designed to be used. The wand + DS3 = horrible idea.

Christopher3231d ago

Really not excited by any of those. I'm happy to see RE5 get some integration to see how it's possible, though I think it's more possible for that since you don't run and gun.

Still not being won over by the motion gaming options from Sony or Microsoft.

Raz3231d ago

What happened to the SixAxis motion controller that comes bundled with the system? You know, the motion control that was so important it initially replaced rumble? Anyone?

I'll tell you what happened: LAIR. And a very low number of developers utilizing the SixAxis. Why? It became evident that despite the brief novelty value, people don't want to wave their controllers around. If we wanted physical exercise, we'd go for a walk.

Meh...we'll see what happens, but it's going to take some REALLY good games to make me spring for another accessory.

Christopher3231d ago

Just one item, technically SixAxis did not replace rumble. Rumble was not included initially due to a lawsuit happening at that time over compensation for the creator of rumble. Once the lawsuit was finished, DS3 came out.

I agree with you an SixAxis and I have to say that I'm honestly happy to see SixAxis go the way of the dodo. It's not bad for the one bowling game, but other than that it's been a distraction during certain games, suddenly crossing a balance beam and having to use SixAxis instead of the standard analog controls.

Raz3231d ago

Ah! Makes sense. Thanks for the info, I didn't know about the dispute. Bubbles +

Monchichi0253231d ago

I'm thinking that Sony's wand is going to fail. Nit for lack of being great because I personally think it will be the best experience of the 3. I think it will fail due to the lack of "Hype" and the lack of market.
Even though I think the Natal won't deliver what they promise, MS and Natal are demolishing Sony with the Hype machine as they have EVERYONE talking about it. Sony's wand is beating treated as just another periphel by the media and Sony themselves.
Add to this the PS3 has failed to generate the mass market like the PS2 did, and this spells trouble. Due to the initial high price point and content, PS3's seem to cater to use hardcore gamers while the 360 has attracted all the teenagers and other more casual gamers that play games like Halo, Modern warfare and sportsgames. See sales numbers of these casual games and log on to Xbox live for proof of this. And sadly, these are the people who will be intersted in motion sensored games.

mastiffchild3231d ago

@bigpappy-you're so right. The longer it goes with no new control for the analog stick the more I'#m certain Sony ar going into this already beaten and have wasted ALL the R&D budget for the hwhole "Arc" project. The DS3 in the other hand:is cheap and pikey to look at, is uncomfortable right away and would be a pain for using for more than a minute or two even for adults, when we mocked it up with a Wiimote in one hand and a DS3 in the other my kids(none of them from 8 to 14) could even use the DS3 in this role as it was either too big, too heavy opr both, for them in one hand-they couldn't even push the stick fully in all directions-and it's going to signal the eath of this before it starts, imo, as comfort will be VERY important to casuals and to everyone else, imo. Also looking crappy when even Ninty have a custom made solution that works well for the job(and is cheaper and casuals don't give two craps about pixel numbers or resolution)is a nightmare and makes Sony look totally unprofesional-you wouldn't think that Sony were the ones with a history in hardware design and manufacture if they go with such a rubbish answer to the issue of getting about the gameworlds.

Seriously, why one earth has it got this far and we've seen nothing to suggest Sony have another answer(besides DS3) for this job? Are they really so daft that they think people will go and buy something like the wands when the equally important part of the analog stick hasn't got even a workable solution? Sony, if you have any sense, you HAVE to make something for the job and do it now or this is so full of fail it'll be spilling out into other areas by association-it's no kind of answer, doesn't even work and would only have the benefit of being cheap(for them as we already have them, and for those already owning a PS3)but as most motion control fans either haven't joined in yet or own a Wii why would they go for the more expensive and less functional PS3 system with no nunchuck?

I'm also AMAZED that no journos ever seem to ask them WTF they think they're doing! Compared to how you controlled RE4 on the Wii the RE5 demo with the guy using the DS3 innone hamnd looked a nightmare and when I tried it myself I knew there was no comparison. Sony's wands can be as accurate as they like but with no analog solution they might as well sack it right now. Seriously, it won't work for many, if any people and won't atract any new custom when it looks pikey as hell and would cost more for a first time buyer. I'm a bit gutted as I was REALLY looking forward to seeing how those more accurate controls pann4ed out on the PS3 RE5 alternate edition but as they stand I wouldn't be able to play with any degree of comfort so won't be buying into the wands whatsoever til a real answer is made by Sony. I honestly don't believe they're being so dim about it all but with no evidence at all to suggest they might be making a proper, working and comfy "nunchuck" style control to go with Arc-what are we meant to think?

Obviously, if Natal doesn't hav a good answer either that's going to be dead for trad games as well but with Sony supposedly going the more "Wii " route how screwed is this?

nycredude3231d ago


Just because you are not interested doesn't mean every Ps3 owner feels this way. There are alot of Ps3 owners and I am sure some will hate the motion controls and some will love it. How can catering to all of your different type of consumers be bad. BTW the last I checked Sony spending resources on this hasn't in any way impede their progress in the games department. Exclusives after exclusives I can't even keep up.

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xxBiG_BoSSxx3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

This is actually a sequel to one of my all time favorites,
Scream and Scribble.

Seriously though its good to see some games in the pipeline.

redfirm3231d ago

sorry but i always get sad when people use the term pipeline. as a gamedesigner i can tell you that a pipeline is nothing more then how you use certain software to deliver 1 product

so you use photoshop for texturing
3D studio max or maya for modeling and unwrapping
if you cant map then crazybump for making the normals,specs and bumpmaps

so thats what we call a pipeline system
please stop using that term

god bless

Nicaragua3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

Dont be so pompous, the term has existed since well before the days of software design to signify something that is on the way.

In this context it has nothing to do with software so maybe you should broaden your vocabulary a bit, then you'll make less of a chump out of yourself.

LeonSKennedy4Life3231d ago


Have you ever watched Tool Academy on Vh1?

Can I sign you up?

ExgamerLegends23231d ago

Where is Legend of Kunoichi? Or was that not official.

snowb4203231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

Didn't they show that with motion controls at some event a little while ago?

EDIT: Come to think of it, they will probably just patch in motion controls. If that's even possible anyways.

Wrathman3231d ago

i honestly cant see how any of them games wont be the same shovelware that the WII does or natal will pumpin out.

face it.they want to kill core development is about to be pushed back to the stone age.

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