If gamers are aging, should AO games be okay?

With all the recent controversy over Manhunt 2, we can't help but think that maybe it's time to relax a little when it comes to games rated AO (Adults Only). The average age of the modern gamer is rising all the time, and we all know that games are no longer just for kids. The Entertainment Software Association has some interesting statistics on just who is buying -- and playing -- games these days; according to them, 83% of all video games are purchased by someone who is over 18, and 69% of the gamers themselves are over 18. Despite the growing number of adult gamers, however, the industry still remains behind the times on the issue of mature titles.

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PS360WII4141d ago (Edited 4141d ago )

I think it's more of the opposition from all the retailors who don't sell AO rated games. They are the ones that force the hand of the console makers and game publishers. If more retailors accepted the AO game and actually made sure that no kid bought it and force those who did buy it to sign a statement that they understand what game they are picking up then I think we would see more games getting the AO rating cuz frankly some of these M rated games are pushing the limit already. Not that I mind I'm just saying

emptiness4141d ago

indeed, pushing the limit...

nobizlikesnowbiz4141d ago

The limit needs to be pushed. In all directions. It's inevitable the videogame world is on the verge of exploding into an orgy of greatness.

I don't care what the ratings say, if I want the game I will buy. It's up to the parents to be responsible for their children. And the retailers of course, they shouldn't be selling it to younger crowds.

But yea some of the M games I would think need the AO.

NTSC-J4141d ago

Doom was once considered, "To Violent" look how far we've come. You will never have realism in games like you do in movies until people start inching over that line that keeps moving back and forth. Even if this game is over the top it shouldn't be buried as if it was going to be the downfall of society. There are many things I would blame above a video game for our society's problems.