Editorial: Final Fantasy XIII Will Probably Suck

Binge Gamer's Elissa Arms, a self-confessed Final Fantasy fangirl, lists off the many reasons why Final Fantasy XIII will most likely suck.

Binge Gamer's Elissa Arms writes: "I love Final Fantasy and it's no secret. I've got soundtracks, plushies, action figures and art collections, strategy guides, models, cosplay outfits, and a collection of bad fanfiction.

I dig the original games, but I'm a total next gen fan. VII through X are my absolute favorites. I used to think the series could only get better with time, but I'm sad to say, recently in the FF department Square has been one hell of a disappointment."

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Bodyboarder_VGamer3232d ago

OMG, best editorial ever! Seriously, I love whoever wrote this magnificent piece. Just by reading it you can know from fact that the guy's a FF freak and knows what is he talking about.

hay3232d ago

I can't agree with this guy in most cases. He doesn't like a lot of stuff I like and vice versa, while we both agree: FFXIII has huge potential of sucking.

hay3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

Yeah, my bad. I often skip introduction or less important things like who wrote it and usualy go to the core of the articles.
And don't expect me to suddenly agree 'cause chick wrote it.
XXI century dude. Equal rights. Gender shouldn't matter anymore. Though not everyone is civil enough to get it.

And it's not a jab on you. Just general statement.

PS. You just had to point 2 times in the article the chick wrote it where it's nothing like that in the article, right?. Great job as a contributor. Post it in the title, you'll get more hits.

MaximusPaynicus3232d ago

...all I was doing was pointing out that y'all were calling a chick a dude. If you want to read entirely too much into that, that is your prerogative.

hay3232d ago

Cause of a server failures I can't send you a PM reply so it'll land here:

"And the correction was taken and accepted. I was drawn by the title and went straight to the article. When I checked again the description on N4G problem appeared.
Your description posted on N4G is a bit off according to the original source which is the main problem.

I don't agree with most of the points in the article but it's someone's opinion so I either don't care or accept/respect it.

Also the "fangirl" part didn't really took my attention more than the thing you twice mentioned the female author wrote the article, which isn't really accurate with the content of the article itself.

Take a look at dozens of other articles. It's always "<name of the site> writes:" or changing We/I with the name of the site. You went the lengths and posted twice that chick wrote it.
If it isn't click whoring, which is just morally wrong, it may emancipation and using female element in the site's favour, which is click whoring. Or in the end putting a bit to much credit for the author 'cause of one of several reasons.
It's a girl/woman.
It's a person you're acquainted.

In both cases it needs a bit of correction to fit in the frames of good journalism we desperately need on N4G in opposition to free advertising of barely worthy articles.

It's nothing personal, it's just went against some morals and R&G."

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McLuvn3232d ago

an opinionated FF fan that might not like XIII. How cute.

TheHater3232d ago

that feels that FFXIII will get a pass by the media and reviewers because of the name Final Fantasy? This game is lacking so many features and content that makes a Japanese RPG an RPG.

I am just curious, how many of the users on this site would buy this game if it didn't have the name Final Fantasy. And how many of you are buying it because of the name Final Fantasy?

Disagree if you are buying this game because of the name Final Fantasy
Agree because you are buying this game because of the content

OGharryjoysticks3232d ago

Yeah, it probably will. But FFXIII Versus will rock hard! =)


im getting as its a final fantasy game and the main thing i like is the story side of them, but iff they keep sucking they wont have my support just as it final fantasy. didnt play 11, 12 sucked so this is the last time i buy due to being a final fantasy fan alone. (it got 9 in offical ps3 mag in uk)

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