Game Revolution: White Knight Chronicles Review

Level-5's White Knight isn't talking backwards, exactly... but at times, he does seem to be a little mumbly and mealy-mouthed. It's certainly got nothing to do with the game's visuals, sheer size, or attitude. On the whole, it's a great-looking game with an impressive amount of territory to explore, and it's largely free of the suffocating pomposity that seems part and parcel of so many Japanese-influenced RPGs.

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spunnups3206d ago

Well, MAG got a couple mediocre reviews, I bought it anyway and Ioved it. I may just do the same with WKC.

Myst3206d ago

Hmm, from your post further down I'd think it would be best if at all possible to rent first and see. I would say rent it for one night like I do to get a feel for games that I am unsure of, but I'm not to sure how much free time you may have in a day to devout to a game.

I personally already have the game paid for and just waiting to pick it up. Some of the things listed in the reviews have me nodding my head and saying "Yeah I can see them giving this a bad score." Although at the same time the reviews will have something where it just makes me shake my head and say "why". So honestly renting it seems like the best option for the majority of people after seeing some bad reviews to gauge for themselves whether or not to get it for the full price or later down the line.

darx3205d ago

I am curious to see which will end up with a better Meta score WKC or Too Human?

Tapewurm3205d ago

I usually go with Game Revolution and Game Informer (Reiner's reviews mostly in GI) when I am deciding to buy a game based on a review and they both give this game a decent rating... If I were to go with some hack site like say.... Edge's PS3 reviews, I would never buy anything lol. I was on the fence with this one and now after reading GR's and GI's reviews I am gonna go pick it up.

Son_Lee3206d ago

I don't know about you, but if I get a B- on a paper or test in college, I tend to feel pretty good about that.

spunnups3206d ago

I've been going back and forth with WKC. After watching all the PSN videos, I wanted it. But somehow Gamespot made the combat look slow and the story supremely uninteresting. I'm going to wait for a few user reviews before making the leap. I want to like this game, I love level 5, but $60 is a lot for a game I may or may not like.

WIIIS13206d ago

Unfortunately this isn't a college test and the fact is that PS3 fans have been waiting for this hyped-up, supposed FF-killer, game since 3 years ago which looks set to disappoint.

Homicide3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Will hit the nail on the head. I would be ecstatic to get a C- on my intermediate accounting course.

After all the years of waiting, this is turning out to be a disappointment. I'm renting it instead; I'm a bit iffy on some stuff I've been reading. $60 isn't exactly pocket change.

hanzai3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

wIIISI, point me to the people who hyped this game to be better than ffxiii. go on, i'm waiting.

i'm still buying this game. know why? i am not a goddamn sheep. i don't let reviews dictate my purchases. i saw enough videos and gameplay to convince me to give the game a try.

Shang-Long3206d ago

I dont recall anyone calling this an ff killer I do however know ppl wanting/willing to pick This up over ff13. But sayin it's an ff killer.. Come on now buddy

hatchimatchi3206d ago

The only people who hyped the game are the ps3 fanboys here on n4g and that's because it's a ps3 exclusive. People interested in the game already did the research and it showed that the game had been met with lukewarm reviews across the board. This game appeals to a certain crowd and I think it'll show in the online community within the game. Me personally, I can't wait to get my hands on it and do some quests with friends. If anyone wants to do quests send me a friend request.

virgils_mustache, i have a head set.

Redempteur3205d ago

you're confused by a gamespot review ??

Are a rpg fan ?aren't there better place to get your info and to wait for review ? ( as a fan ).

Seriously .anyone can to make a video of a rpg seems unintresting.

WIIIS13205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

As I recall, at about the time when it was announced that FFXIII was going to the 360, many emotionally unstable PS3 fans shifted their allegiance to WKC almost immediately, claiming that Level 5 had a stellar record and in contrast Square has gone downhill. That was quite a long time ago (probably during that time when one Nasim was prolifically posting on this forum), so don't expect me to go search those old posts. But honest folk who do not swim in the Nile all know that did happen, and that WKC was touted by many here to be the JRPG to look out for this gen instead of FFXIII. This is consistent with what happened when FF Versus was announced to be still exclusive to PS3 - many here predictably proclaimed that Versus was going to be the better FF game. Kinda like when Virtua Fighter went to 360, the yet to be released Tekken 6 automatically became the better game etc.

But it seems now that WKC might not even match Lost Odyssey or Blue Dragon, so surely that's disappointing, no?

I personally have been disappointed with just about all traditional JRPGs that have been released this gen, and I'm not expecting much from FFXIII either. I was however hoping that WKC would indeed be the winner that PS3 claimed it would, but it seems the JRPG concept has lived out its lifespan and novelty. WRPGs this gen are however a different story, with absolutely fantastic gems such as Oblivion, Mass Effect, Fable 2, Fallout 3, Demon's Soul (Japanese game based on WRPG concept), Dragon Age Origins and Mass Effect 2.

It really is time for the Japanese developers to rethink their efforts because the Western developers are overtaking them in seemingly all genres of gaming (thinking RPGs, shooters, driving, sports, hack & slash) save perhaps for fighting games and cutesy games.

callahan093205d ago

Guys, in my opinion, if you're a traditional JRPG fan, you should check out WKC. Rent it and see if you get addicted to it. I definitely got addicted to it, but that was a year ago when it first came out in Japan. I thought the world was quite unique, it's not a cookie-cutter version of every other JRPG world and character you've ever seen. The story isn't deep and the characters aren't the most lovable, but the world itself, the architecture and the environments, and the species designs, are pretty great in my opinion, but the important aspect was the combat, which I found quite fun. Customizing my abilities menu and creating combos and going out into the field fighting enemies was a blast, for me, and if you like exploring fantasy worlds in a JRPG environment, collecting items, fighting fantastic creatures, etc., then you should enjoy this game. The online questing reminds me of a smaller-scale World of Warcraft, too, it's mostly fetch and kill quest types, but they all reminded me of WoW just without quite as many players going on the quests at once. It's fun with friends, for sure. I recommend this game for any JRPG fan. If you're not a JRPG fan, you will definitely not be convinced by this game.

callahan093205d ago

Who disagreed and why? I'm explaining why if you're a fan of the genre you should check this game out. You honestly think that fans of the genre should ignore this game? I doubt it, you've probably got other motives for disagreeing with me, but if that IS the case, then please, explain to us why this game should be ignored even by fans of the genre? Since you disagreed with my recommendation, you obviously must have played the game to have your own opinion about it. Please share!

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MajesticBeast3206d ago

Just check 1 of the qore episodes i think it was december and you know the game will be a solid jrpg.

spunnups3206d ago

I sat down the other night and watched all 5 or so PSN WKC videos and they really made the game look awesome. I suggest you guys do the same.

Son_Lee3206d ago

I watched all the PSN WKC videos last night, and I was like "This game is mine!" There's something mysterious about this title I have to uncover, and it's uniqueness is what attracted me.

White Knight Chronicles, Star Ocean The Last Hope International, and Final Fantasy XIII. FINALLY, some RPG love for my PS3! It's been far too long..

spunnups3206d ago

Have you tried Demon's Souls? That game is a 10

Son_Lee3206d ago

I haven't the money or the time to try Demon's Souls right now. I want to so bad, though. I'll get it in May when I have lots of cash flow again.

Arnon3206d ago

Demon's Souls > White Knight Chronicles.

Get Demon's Souls now. Like right now. Run.

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A LIVING LEGEND3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Demon's Souls isn't a 10,it is a 9+....+
But never 10,nothing is.
As for WKC,I have no solid idea yet.Plenty of opinions but none of them mine.I have a good feeling however....

I can and will recommend DS,it is a truly epic experience.

spunnups3206d ago

I rate games 1-10 on fun, not perfection. Which I think all reviewers should do. Isn't that why we game?

Sigh3206d ago

can't wait to get it. Been awhile since Level 5 games were on a console, specifically their RPG games.

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