Intel wants fair and balanced online gaming

Intel showed off a research project into "anti-cheat technology" during its [email protected] Day at Intel headquarters. The idea is that Intel and the PC gaming industry would build technology into gaming rigs that could detect when common cheats -- such as "aimbots" that handle targeting while the player just holds down the trigger -- are used in an online gaming session, said Travis Schluessler, a researcher at Intel.

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MK_Red4191d ago

Awesome. I hope this is really effective so we can have a much better online gaming world. Death to cheats and cheaters.

DirtyRat4191d ago

that sounds really interesting

BIadestarX4191d ago

I don't think cheating can be completely eleminated... people being doing it for centuries.... The efford is apreaciated and I hope they make a better experience for those of us that just want to have a fair game.

nobizlikesnowbiz4190d ago

Destroy all cheaters. Send them to a Federal [email protected] prison for a pre-determined period of time so that they may reflect upon their stupidity whilst being sodomized.