GameSpot Preview: One Week of MLB 10: The Show -- RTTS, Training, and Pickoffs

GameSpot writes: "There's a reason Sony's MLB: The Show baseball series is one of the most critically acclaimed sports series year in and year out. In addition to genre-stretching innovative features, such as Road to the Show, the development team at Sony's San Diego studio is consistently focused on the infinitesimal details that make baseball (and, by extension, sports games) so beloved. The result is a conundrum from a game design standpoint, however. While the actual sport of baseball doesn't change in a fundamental sense, there are 1,001 changes that happen from season to season--players retire or change teams, acquire a new batting stance, or change the colors of the laces on their gloves. And it's these little details that fans of the sport (and the games) are paying attention to just as intently as the back-of-the-box features."

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Mamajuana3232d ago

I noticed that MLB 09 the show didn't get many nominations for sports game of the year last year. I thought it was fantastic, RTTS is amazing. Some web sites gave Fight Night Round 4 sports game of the year. Fight Night 4 is fun but is no where near as in depth as The Show.

Oh well, I can't wait for this years iteration of The Show it's looking really good.

spektical3232d ago

i felt the same way, not to many nominations for mlb09 for sports game of the year... do you know if you can carry your RTTS profile into this one?